Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Island Drift, from the Rogue's notes.

Edge of an island adrift. Assateague, MD side. 11/18/2017

Island, I see you in the distance
I feel that your existence
Is not unlike my own
-Jimmy Buffett, Island

   Completely drifted into the next season without any water-time. Standing on the eastern edge of a skid of sand in constant permutation. Winds and tides join in a continuous assault on the barrier island. A western slide. Ever closer to the mainland. Could feel the pull of the ocean as land moved in the opposite direction. Blowin' a gale on Assateague. Waters, while still in the upper 50's, were chopped and sectioned depending on how far out your gaze might fall. Walking onto the beach, the wind-chill is what gotcha. Seeping through your jacket. Saturating bones.
Had to keep moving. Hovering around 50, but into the 40's with the wind. Know I sound like a broken, whining record, but it's the wind that gets ya. Tide was up, wind blowing from the east. Not conducive to a good surf. A beach- comber's day. Despite feeling the "lack of," I took solace in watching my Wife and Granddaughter scour the sand for shells. Every new shell our Granddaughter picked up seemed to trump the previous. Child's wonder. And the wandering Island ponies only heightened her buzz. We tend to lose it in the rush of the everyday, but the magic of the Island tends to help me catch a breath. Slow down time...if only for an afternoon. 

   Full Sail Brewing Company can relate to our way of life in these parts. Craft brews along the Columbia River in Oregon. Full view of SUPs, windsurfers, kite boarders, and Sailboats. Have had their beer in the past. Always good stuff. Full Sail Amber, one of the better amber ales I have had this season. 6% ABV makes it hearty and warming. Clear copper pour and a finger or so off-white head. Lacing that lasted. Tasted of malts and iced tea. With orange and lemon. Nice floral and citrus notes. Aromas of biscuit and spice. The 31 IBUs gives this a clean, dry finish. Rated a B/B+.

Mollusk excitement.

Windblown weekend. Whitecaps on the river...Sunday, 11/19/2017.