Sunday, June 10, 2018

Through The Juicer, from the Rogue's notes.

Really needed to run the swell through the juicer to squeeze any kinda nectar outta these rides. Knee-plus sections
from the latest nor'east frontal. 66th and Holiday's, 6/7/2018.

   Lately I get in the water and feel like my internal gyroscope has slipped. Everything feels unstable. Can't appreciate the feel of the board, the smell of the wax, the salt air. Even the sunset seems to have disappeared. Literally. Recent weather situation has set a cool front over the East Coast for the last few weeks. Supposed to improve soon. We'll see. Back to back surf last week. Conditions about the same both Wednesday and Thursday after work. Onshore winds about 10-15 knots. Tide goin' out. Minced swell, knee high or so. Drivel. Little better on day two. Managed a fairly decent backside ride that you could actually time on a watch. More than a couple seconds. Means better times 'a comin'...I hope.
Sloppy lefts, 65th St. 6/6/2018.
  Couple days of surf for first time in two seasons. Couple beers to proclaim the season. Frederick, MD's Flying Dog Brewery fills a gap with The Truth, an Imperial IPA that was pretty much an 80 IBU hop bomb thick with bready, resinous pine and grapefruit flavors and aromas of peach and citrus. Dry, bitter finish. Poured a clear lemon-orange with a thick, white, two-finger head. This bad-ass was full of itself at 8.7% ABV. Not many more than a couple. Rated an A.

My 2nd brew was a local concoction. Baltimore's National Bohemian, a Baltimore staple, that came out with it's first new beer in over 30 years. Crab Shack Shandy, a straw colored golden ale ringin' in at 4.2% so plenty could be thrown back in one sitting. Perfect for an afternoon on the beach, or boat, or deck, or whatever. Thin, fast dissipating head with aromas of a citrusy orange-lime mix. Tasted of sweet grains...overly sweet. And that's sayin' something for me. 15 IBUs means you will never confuse this with an IPA. Rated a C+ for originality. Summer's just about here.
"Be prepared to taste an entirely different
type of beer..."
National Bohemian Ad.