Sunday, July 1, 2018

Slicing Through Heaven, from the Rogue's notes.

Slicing through the end wall of my longest ride of the evening. 30th and Rodeways, 6/28/2018.

   First real swell of this year. My nephew Cameron finishing up his week in the OC before Cali. Joined me for one last huzzah. Buzz-word for the afternoon. Waist- plus that cleaned up as the evening progressed. Spray from the peeling frames left the smell of salt lingering between sets. Got psyched from the first drop. Felt as if each ride became more crushing as I seemed to be improving from takeoff. Netted the longest ride so far. Evening finished off with each wave reflecting the sunset like a distorted mirror of orange, pink, and blue. Akin to slicing through Heaven. Need more sessions like this.
Wide bottom turn. Door closed. 6/28/2018

   Speaking of slicin', couple of juicy slices of summer. Portland, Maine's Peak Brewing put out one of the best sessionable IPAs I have ever tasted. Organic no less. Summer Session. Aromas of piney resin and grapefruit. The taste hit me with juicy lemons and mango with peppery herbs in the back. Stand up taste. Not watered down like other session beers I've had. 5% over and over without the pain. 61 IBUs allowed Peak to crush it. Session poured a hazed golden orange with a finger or so fizzy head. Gave it an A.
You should loose track of your timing
Grab a drink beside me
Down in the islands,
Down in the islands
-Zac Brown Band, "Island Song"
Ninkasi outta Eugene has gotten a foothold on the Right Coast. Pacific Rain was a cooling Northwest Pale pouring a cloudy, yellow-gold in color with a finger or less foamy head. Fair lacing. Distinct aromas of crackers and floral hops. The tasted reflected juicy citrus of the hops up front with a malt yang. Combo semi-sweet and dry in the finish. 5.4% ABV. 50 IBUs. Not great, but a very good, refreshing pale for the summer. Rated this a B/B+.