Saturday, February 10, 2018

Cry Wolf, the Rogue's notes.

   Hawaii trip coming up. March. Last month a Nuclear Missile Warning was issued to the 50th state in the Union. False alarm. Not cool. Would totally f-up our trip. Effectively created panic across the Islands. As did the news media, to further the scare even after it was past. These days they are especially good at that yellow journalism. We become numb to it at times. That's what happen's when ya cry wolf. Accidentally or otherwise. Somebody got fired. Scapegoats can be found everywhere. This week the Slower Lower got our own... a Tsunami Warning. National Weather Service tech glitch. Not the terror induced reaction Hawaii had. Most thought, "yeah okay." Personally? Checked the surf report. Ankle to knee. No flooding here. Hope all the jobs are safe.
All clear on our cut of the Right Coast. Knee scrapin' shorebreak at low tide; 38degrees F- OC Pier, 2/4/2018.
-Shannon Blyth Pic

   Recently enjoyed a bomber of soured Oak Aged Farmhouse Ale. The Reaver, a wild ale brewed with native wild yeasts and souring bacteria by Coastal Virginia's Reaver Beach Brewing. Paid this place a visit years ago when it was still in an industrial park. Much has improved. Aromas of orange citrus, oakey vanilla, and funky yeast typical of wild ales. Tart, fruit sweetness with tastes of peach and tangerine. A bit wine-like, but with a slight boozy oak finish. The sharp carbonation combined with the finish is what made it. Poured an orange-gold with a thin white, fizzy head. 7% alcohol with 8 IBUs. This one is a mellow drinker, perfect for a Tsunami watch... or the next set. Rated a B+.
"I don't need the threat of
impending natural disaster
to stock up on beer."  -EE