Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Nor'east Hangover, the Rogue notes.

Heavy contorted A-frame spray; greenroom morphing as afternoon winds intensify. 70th street, 3/4/2018.

   Want head to double overhead...and not go to Hawaii? Try OCMD after a northeast winter storm. Riley didn't, what you call "slam" into the Eastern Shore, but it did blow a helluva squall through the area. As the weekend came to a close, Sunday AM saw a calming and the swell off the ocean had laid out clean backside sets.
By the afternoon however, the ENE winds had gotten back on 'em and the orderly greenrooms became disheveled slab-like brownstones. No matter. Water's still around 42F, (checked Hawaii surf reports...water in the mid-70s- just sayin'). I could feel the impact through the sand of the shoreline. Chilled upper 30's, lower 40's air temps didn't provide any additional initiative. I ain't in it. Rubber or no.
   Call 'em late fall/early spring seasonals. Two heavy, deep amber, local beers that I jumped all over... Dogfish Head's Pennsylvania Tuxedo, a Pale Ale brewed with spruce tips. A collaboration with that seasonal flannel giant, Woolrich. Hazy, with the smell of evergreens, fruit, and toffee. Nice sweet malt backbone to balance the 50 IBUs of piney-sprucey-hoppy resin and raw peach in the taste. At 8.5%? It's a warmer and a Dogfish winner. Rated a B+.
   Sunday's crock pot dinner was an early Gaelic feast of corned beef, cabbage, and carrots slow cooked in Heavy Seas' Winter Storm ESB. At 7.5%, an Imperial ESB. Not big on ESBs, but I like Imperials! Put a couple back with the grub. Cloudy amber pour with a finger and a half tan head. Thick tan lacing led to notes of nutty malts and caramel. Tasted of dark fruits and toast with a deceptively mild bitter finish considering the 50 IBUs. Bought a six of this. Growing on me, which is sayin' something for an ESB. Rated a B.
"They say there is more to life than
beer...who is 'they' and why would
 I trust them?"                     -Anon.