Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hallow Shore, from the Rogue's notes.

Sunset on the Assawoman. Mouth of Herring Creek, 10/22/2017.
First time out, near keeper Flounder...just under 17"
My unimpressive Sea Robin.

   A quick run through the last couple weeks of October. Different water time... Limited it on my surf. However, some flounder fishing in. Incredible day on the bay . Visited a few old haunts during homecoming at my former College. Glory days past. A crazy All Hallows Eve in Berlin Maryland. Quite the spectacle. Granddaughter loved it as did my wife and daughter. Really something to see and already on schedule for next year.

WMC/McDaniel Homecoming, 10/21/2017. 

   Beer. First up. Clipper City Brewing, aka Heavy Seas. Their October seasonal Treasure Fest. Got a sixer of this one. An Oktoberfest Lager coming ashore at 6% ABV (like the pun on the whole heavy seas thing). For the Oktoberfest time of year this one, though not the traditional marzen, was very smooth drinkin' with a nice 35 IBU hop bite in the finish. Put together with German malts and hops plus an added American dry hopping on the tail-end. Pepper and malt in the aromas. Spiced apple and toffee were detected in the flavor. Well balanced without getting crazy. Poured a shimmering amber with a finger plus head. Rated a B+.

Closed out the month with another of Oregon's Ninkasi brews. Aptly named Dawn of the Red. Big red IPA. Poured a hazy burnt orange. Finger thick, off white head. Thin lacing. Notes of malt and some pine in the smell. Drank this brewski when we got back from the whole Berlin TOT (tricks or treats) revelry. Damn! That was one well put together Halloween blowout. Once again, I digress. Really nice pour, but this tasted more like an English IPA. The 77 IBUs did their job in the bitterness department. Not much sweetness from the malts. More resin than citrus. A big beer without big taste. 7% ABV. Not a six repeater. Rated a B-/C+.

The End Is Beer!  -ANS

   The Coolest Small Town in America, Berlin, MD. Host to Tuck Everlasting and The Runaway Bride. Whose borders include the OP.  Keep your porch lights on ifn' you're treatin'. Off, if your out trickin'. This town literally shut down streets, let skeletons out of the closets (and trunks), and stirred up the dead. One of the best Halloween hooha's in the US of A!


The Point

The search for candy knows no end.
Berlin, MD 10/31/2017