Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gimme Some Green, notes from the Rogue

Gimme a green shimmering wall.  Gimme swell! Malibus 3/25/2013

The inlet Assateague
Brave feelin' the chill.

    I'd like to say I'm squeezin' a few out this Easter.  Not gonna happen.  Water still in the lower 40's.  Air still in the upper 40's. Not conducive to my optimum temperatures required...even with a 5/4 suit.  At least the air could warm up on a more consistent note.  Nope. Snow and sleet this week...Again!  F*#k I'm tired of this relentless Lion of March. Bring on the Lamb!

   I've been finishing this six since St. Paddy's Day. Used it to crock my corned beef with.  Awesome.  And by itself, Money.  Troegs' Nugget Nectar... a hopped up Amber beer, spot on for this time of year.  Call it a Amber, call it a Red, call it an IPA.  Don't care. Five types of Hops including Tomahawk, Warrior, and Simcoe.  Three types of Malts. This one screams "Drink Me!" Nice lacing, 1 finger head. Tastes of citrus and pine up front with a smooth malty finish. The 93 IBUs are deceiving with the malt backbone. 7.5% ABV requires care in quantity drinkability.  Gave it every bit of an A.
"She came onto him like a slow
movin' cold front... His beer was 
warmer than the look in her eyes."
                                 -John Hiatt

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Got The Fever, notes from the ROguE

Feel the fever, 3/14.

   Met a buddy of mine for some grub and brews in West OC the other night.  Got down a bit early and did an initial surf check.  With 15-20 knot offshore winds doin' clean up, and Daylight Savings Time going on, I got the fever.  A lingering early spring chill had nothing to do with it.  The sun, like a periodic strobe, glints off the spray of a wave's crest as the lip swings down into it's curl.  The rolling A-frames left and right. Inviting.  The bright white foam crashing towards shore and resulting salty smell of the ocean.  Those are the inducements of said feverish plight.  But, and this is huge for me, the water temps are still hovering around 40F.  Gonna have to have the sun continue it's extended daily massage of warming rays and some milder nights to edge the Atlantic's waters up into a more hospitable range.  Got to get into the upper 40's to cure my symptoms.  Dinner was good.  Beer was cold.  Night got windier...colder. Need to bring an end to this winter slump.
Ready for the awakening.

    A couple of Stones have been in my fridge that are perfect for removing any chill.  Stone Brewing outta Escondido, Cali has been unleashing big beers since 1996.  The first is one of their biggest mainlines...  Ruination IPA, an Imperial so named for it's "ruinous effect on your palate." 7.7% ABV and over One F#*king Hundred IBUs!  Pours a honey-gold with a light finger and a half head.  Good carbonation.  Distinct lacing.  Scent of sweet citrus - cross between grapefruit and orange.  Tastes of sweet malt up front but a butt-slappin' bold hop effect on the backside.  Very prominent hop bitterness that'll really rock ya... a good thang. One of the best IPA's I've ever had.  A+ Brah!
"A liquid poem to the glory of the
-Steve Wagner, Stone Brewmaster

   The next was (that's right- not no more left), Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale.  Damn...these guys know how to get it right!  A Black IPA or Ale as some refer to, that pours an opaque black with a finger plus light brown head.  The herbal/floral hops come out in the first whiff and the creaminess of the first taste is fantastic.  Roasted coffee/mocha flavors combined with hop bitterness will appeal to brewed dark chocolate lovers (me) everywhere. Brewed dark chocolate...Damn Son! 90 IBUs give this a nice hop zip in the finish. Careful on the next couple... 8.7% ABV. Another rock hard A.
"Live life to the fullest- fill another 
glass!"             -Rueben Garcia

Gotta check this "break" out come summer!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Don't Let The Blues Get You Down, notes from the Rogue

Tough day to be Evel.  Gonna be tougher in the AM.  May 27th, 1975.
Wembley Stadium, London

   Not doin' much besides the gym.  And three days a week is a struggle.  Not much sun lately.  Water skating along the 40 mark.  Weather hanging in the upper 30's. Flurries here 'n there.  Like the Evel one after the above jump...think I'd rather stay in bed.  DST is a week away. Hope.
Feel the pull before this crash.

  Haven't had too many Barleywine style ales.  Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot is an excellent brew to serve as a conversion.  Now I'm on the hunt. Strong caramel malt scent that gave way to pine.  And after that first swig, the hops explode...90 IBUs, Son!  Grapefruit, spice, resin.  Wow. Just a Big hop footprint (hence the name).  The pour has a bee-utiful deep amber luster with a thick, tan, two finger head.  Strong lacing.  Nice bittersweet finish. At 9.6% ABV, not boozy at all making this animal dangerous. Unlike most beers, Barleywines get better and actually change characteristics with age...mellowing out.  Ready for my next catch.
I rated Bigfoot an A.
"I love being punched in the mouth
 by my beer."
                              -Colin Gebhard