Thursday, August 18, 2016

In The Books, notes from the Rogue

Day 4 return from sea. 8/11/2016      -Dispatch Pic

   The 43rd White Marlin Open. Highest paying sport fishing tournament in the world. Definitely delivered last week. Winning White Marlin, as a matter of fact, the only qualifying White caught at 76.5 lbs. paid out a record $2.8 million dollars. $2.8 Million! Son! Next closest payout was a 790 pounder, one of the biggest and heaviest Blue Marlins in recent years at $259,000. Dragged in from the side of the boat due to it's size. Worn out and tail-less upon arrival. Still fought off doubters.
Worn out. Get Reel's winning Blue. Day 1
-Hooked on OC Pic
The best of the rest...a couple of sharks and a mix of tuna, mahi, and wahoo pretty much dominated the leader boards throughout the week. Why is this sounding like a fishin' report? Because it is. And I wasn't there. Now it's past. In the books. Missed out on the party. Missed out on the "off the boat" tuna steaks. Missed out. Till next year.

Day 5 Mako
Day 3 winning Hammerhead

   Didn't miss out on the beer though. Busy few weeks. Miles put in. Brews quaffed. Two more for the books. At Williams Bay in Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago. Stopped by Bell's Liquor & Deli.
Mahi (left). Yellowfin Tuna (above).

Picked up a sixer of Alaskan Brewing Company's Summer Kolsch. Clear, dark gold pour. Less than a finger head. Weak lacing. Aromas of light citrus and grass. Mild at 5.3% ABV and 18 IBUs. Slightly sweet, grainy taste. Nothing that stood out. Served very cold, this is not a bad beer for the warmer months. Maybe it's the style. Average. Rated this one a C+. 

Dogfish Head. One of my favorite breweries. Been around. Likes to experiment. Flesh & Blood IPA. Brewed with orange and lemon peels and lots of fresh blood orange juice. The 7.5% alcohol level would make one think it comes off a bit heavy, but quite the opposite. Heavy is the smell of orange-citrus. Refreshing is the tart tastes of lemon and intense hop bitterness balanced by the smooth malt background. Like spicy; not overly bitter...a zesty 45 IBUs. Poured a clear reddish amber with a nice 2-finger head. Rated a B+/A-.

Two Point Four Mil...DAMN IT SON!
Winning White, 8/9/2016  -PropTalk Pic
Another Open in the books. Marina at rest, 8/11.2016.  -Hooked on OC pic

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Where's My Primo?, the Rogue's notes.

"Hey Haole, some days for surfing and some not. This one not. Here, have a Primo.
Plenty more waves. Relax."
  - Henry Preece, Hawaiian local
67th Street knee-high shorebreak... Cardy Cardy 123 No Break for sure. 7/29/2016

   No surf. Looked forward to the only chance I'd have for a sesh this trip. Small shorebreak conditions. As I crossed the dune line, my Girl in tow, I could feel the disappointment rise from the pit of my stomach. Small swell breaking right up on the beach. Air was a very comfortable offshore breezy low 80's. Water in the mid 70's. Smell of salt in the air. Crowds were light. But, as I said, no surf. I was annoyed. 
In Shaun Tomson's book, Surfer's Code, he talks in one chapter about big wave surfer Fred Van Dyke standing on the beach during a ten-foot blown out day at Haleiwa. Eyeing the punishing waves and debating whether or not to go in, local surfer Henry Preece gave him the above advice. Now granted, conditions were in no way the same. This evening, much more serene. Too much serenity. Preece's advice applied in this case as well. What was a drag to me was how much time would pass before that next carvable wave. Opportunities not necessarily lost. Just on hold. To help relieve my annoyance we took a walk. Sometimes she has patience with me. She understands. I think. waves. Then headed south; no waves. Then I dove in. The warmth of the Atlantic surrounding me. Took in the salt air. Felt the warm breeze. And let the incoming swell nudge me towards shore. You could say I felt better. Some. But there was something else that would have helped. Where's my Primo?!
   Okay, so I would get close to drinkin' that beer; sittin on the beaches of the North Shore. Well maybe if one has quite the imagination. We finished up disgorging the House on Spearin, and stayed the last evening at my brother's home in Delaware for a bit of a soiree.
Two nice flagon's of suds helped to upgrade the experience. Groove City Hefeweizen; Cambridge, MD's nicknamesake. Contrived by RaR (Realerevival) Brewery this murky gold brew at 5.2% ABV is very refreshing. Nice quench for a humid summer evening on the Shore. Complex aromas of banana bread. Tastes of bananas and lemons. Slight sweetness, with a fresh citrus zest finish. Rated an A-. Very good Hefe.
"Sorry Honey, I can't hear you with-
out a beer in my hand."  -Anon.

Another local beer- a true Delaware source, was Honeysuckle Rose, a Belgian Blonde brewed right up the road from my brother in Smyrna, DE. Only about two years since inception, Blue Earle Brewing has made it's mark on the Delaware Beer Trail. Mild at 22 IBU's but with enough hop kick to give a 'lil peppery spice to it's life, Honeysuckle Rose brought in hints of candied orange and lemon that lead to a fairly dry finish. Poured a hazy amber with light lace. 7.2% ABV made it a bit more like a heavy lager... kept it on the down-low for me. I rated it a B-.