Sunday, January 31, 2016

Into The Storm, notes from the Rogue.

Friday evening's forcast, 1/22/2016.

   It seems to be inevitable. As soon as I make plans to fly this time of year, the hard core weather moves in. This past weekend was no exception. The east coast had enjoyed above average temps thru December and into the new year. While the Midwest had been in the single digits, the lower Eastern Shore of Maryland had been in the mid fifties to sixty degrees. Even the Atlantic's temps had been in the mid to lower fifties. I coulda' still been in the water on the weekends! Now, as my fiance and I planned on going back to perform a cleansing... clearing the junk from the sheds and attic of my house, and see family, Winter Storm Jonas was bearing down like an evil clown determined to scare the kids outta the circus.
Jonas arrives to the 'Bury, 1/22/2016

(Above)Nor'east winds brought the tide up to the dunes, and (below) ripped
and battered the OC Pier. 1/22-23/2016           -Dispatch photos

   The few days leading up to our flight were spent monitoring Jonas' path. Supposedly this monster system with heavy snowfall, and winds from the northeast combined with a full moon's high tide surge to add major coastal flooding (labeled "Snowzilla", ah the drama of the Weather Channel) was to be one of the worst seen in years, and as it turned out, was the 3rd worst in recorded history. But, we were headed to the lower Sho'. It's proximity to the ocean usually protects this area from the nastiest. While Baltimore, Washington, Philly, and the surrounding areas to the north get pummeled with snow, we get rain. Though we were flying into BWI, we were coming in the day before and flying out two days after. No worries. Hence, into the storm we went. And all worked out. We dealt. With the snow. With the rain. With the snow again.
The OC under water...

3rd Street bayside boardwalk, 1/24/2016  -Dispatch pic

Very productive weekend. Finished the cleansing (big help from my surf bro Tom and good friends and neighbors Richard and Sandy). Got to see my brothers for dinner and grand-daughter Adriana. Even payed homage to the power of Lady Atlantic; a surf check to get a view of the nor'easter damage on our piece of the Right Coast. 
A nor'east poundin' always takes my breath away, Inlet Jetty 1/24/2016  -Dispach

Managed to catch the Lady's fury around the inlet pier, 1/24/2016. 
"Waves are not measured in feet or inches, they are measured in
increments of fear."     -Buzzy Trent

Feel the Power of the darker side. Inlet to the Atlantic, 1/24/2016
Duneline damage, Roadways, 31st Street. 1/24/2016

Flight out? Big time lines, but no issues. Actually pretty smooth. Flew in before Jonas. Flew out after it had headed north and  out to the deep blue. Always miss Here. Landlocked again. 

Snow-capped on S-Road, the 'Bury, 1/25/2016

   Strong beer to calm the  monster storm... Brouwerij Huyghe out of Melle, Belgium brews Delirium Tremens, a Belgian Strong Ale. Recommended by a coworker, this baby will ward off the DT's for sure... if it doesn't add to them first. Pours a pale gold with a two finger plus white head. Thin lacing. The signature Belgian yeasts (x3) come out with every swig. And at 8.5% ABV, a hard swig or two will begin the pounding into submission. Better a beer than the ocean I guess. Nice dry finish as I will estimate the IBUs (not listed) around the 40 mark. Scents of lemon and banana and a warm feel as I drank. Weighted nice, and smooth for this time of year. Rated Delirium an A-.
"It is a fair wind that blew
men to ale."   
-Washington Irving

Eastern Shore brewery Evolution Craft's Chrystal Row is the latest limited release and another beer for the colder months. An American Strong Ale, pours a dark amber with a finger and a half tan head. Scents of toffee and spice with a malt frontal attack followed up by a slap of fruity, piney hops. Ye 'ole one-two. Little pilsnerish- lagerish- IPAish goin' on. While the snowstorm was picking up momentum Wednesday evening, I was picking up a six of this gem. Warms ya at 7.2% ABV with a crisp, moderately bitter finish at 45 IBUs. Rated Evo's latest an A.

Brownish-green A-framed walls await... 31st Street-Roadways, 1/24/2016

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Stranded, the Rogue's notes.

"What's so bad about surfing? Cold damp wet suits in the winter..." -Jonathan Hopkins
Stranded high and not so dry. Warrenville, IL 1/6/2016.

   It's hit. Winter. Hit hard too. At least in the Midwest part of my world. Sub-zero temps. Subber-zero wind chills. Snow. I used ta like snow. Now...after day one, I'm done. And, with ├╝ber cold, the shit just don't melt. Ice. I didn't like it on the Bay. Looked pretty. That's about it. In the Chi-town 'burbs: very annoying. I'm waiting to break my ass any day now. And I drive in it every day. Just crap. Can't help but feel stranded on an iceberg. The Shore conditions don't help none. Water's still around 50 degrees. Although it's a bit nip as they're go in' through a cold spell; at night dipping into the upper 20's, low 30's. Even with a warmer Atlantic, chest high swell, and sun... doubt I'd go. Doubt. Yeah. Stranded. She's worth it. Bring on the cold.
   Brew review. 4 Hands Brewing Company outta St. Louis. Don't believe I've had any of their beers. Passion Fruit Prussia, a Berliner Weisse style, i.e., Sour. A Christmas gift from my Son. Lisa loves 'em. And I am developing somewhat of an affinity for them myself. This one had a clear gold pour with a thin white head. Smells and tastes were of tart passion fruit, but a hair weak going down. 11 IBUs gave a pinch of a bite. Still, I get stoked as to how refreshing the sour styles are. And at 4% ABV you can throw a few back. Sours supposedly pair well with seafood... Ice cold water? Bring on the oysters! B-ish rating.
"And now I wish I was somewhere
other than here.
Down in some honky tonk, sippin'
on a beer."
-Great Filling Station Holdup, J.Buffett