Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mental Strain, notes from the Rogue

November sky, SBY 11/23.    "It's all about where your mind's at."   -Kelly Slater  

  Been in a funk lately.  Can't surf during the week as the sun has set by the time I'm off work.  Work itself has been a mental strain.  Need a surf.  Need to get wet.  But, flat conditions continued thru the weekend as water temps dropped into the lower fifties. With nights falling below freezing it's no wonder.  Feels like the clock is ticking before my season ends.
   Brother came down Saturday to hang out.  Needed the relax time.  Family is always good. Went to a local brewpub.  Drank some beers.  Did some dinner.  BS'd. Hung out. Watched a movie.  Let go a little.  A nice beer to help was Heavy Seas Great'Er Pumpkin, Imperial Pumpkin Ale.  At 10% ABV this'll mellow you out real quick.  I've oft heard it said about some pumpkin beers that they're like drinkin' a slice of pumpkin pie. Great'Er lives up to that.  Pours a deep cloudy orange-brown with a finger tan head. Fair lacing.  Aged in bourbon barrels so a little boozy, but the aroma and taste are full of cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin pie spices that seemed to blend well with a dry vanilla finish.  Not too much of a hop bite with approximately 25 IBUs, however the dry finish made it very smooth going down.  Did this from a 22oz. bomber.  Don't need much more than that.  Definitely a favorite for a crisp autumn evening.  Rated it an A-.

"Perfect beer for burning them 
leaves"    -DsW

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Full Of It, notes from the Rogue

Frosted AM color.

   Alarm goin' off at 7am.  Bathroom floor chilled.  Frost on the ground.  Really had to drag my ass outta the house to get to the beach.  Once I'm on the road, I'm good. Coffee helps.  Morning temps in the upper thirties. Water dipping below 60 (full suit and boots now, Son!).  Standing on the beach I scrutinize the low surf.  Knee high I guess. Light northwest winds made for very clean backside conditions regardless of the small size. Add high tide and you lose the wave's energy.  You also get short rides. The lineup was pretty sparse as well.  Only a few of us out there, and in the was just me.  Solitude.  Calm sea, the sun sparkling like thousands of diamonds as I paddled out.  Gulls riding the air currents, dolphins dancing north. Chilly morning, but peacful out there on the water.  Stoke comes in number of configurations.  This morning was full of it.
Cold solitude, 11/9.

Arial show.

    Took stock of the day's session with a Flying Dog Doggie Style Classic Pale.  At 5.5%ABV, Flying Dog Brewery does an excellent job with what has become one of my favorite Pale Ales.  Pours a deep hazy amber with a one and a half finger head.  Good lacing, hint of malt and fruit in the aroma.  The hops (35 IBUs) provide a good balance and clean finish to the light malt sweetness in the taste. As I said, a session favorite...rated it an A.
"The answers to life's problems aren't at the
 bottom of a beer bottle, they're on TV"
-The Simpsons

Monday, November 4, 2013

November Detonation, notes from the Rogue

Shore explosion.  Wicomico County, 11/2.

   First days of November, air in the low 70s, water still around 62. Got the blast of autumn colors for the trek to the beach.  Water still comfortable at 62F, though full on rubber is now used.  Waist to occasional chest sets.  Fairly clean.  High tide kept 'em from jacking on me so a enjoyed a few nice carving rides.  One thing about wearing a full suit though, after a couple of hours my arms and shoulders are feelin' like lead. Had a somewhat strong northbound current, so I'd been walking the beach a couple of times during the afternoon.
Autumn detonation. Holiday's, 11/2.

 Then there is this lull from the previous ride to the next.  Get a little more selective 'cause I'm dreading that paddle back out at the end of the ride.  Ya get tanked more easily.  Recovery time becomes less and less.  Begin losing the light as dusk sets in. Wanted that last ride to count.  It did!  Grabbed one of those few steep rights that I was in good position for on the shoulder.  As I dropped in I could hear the peak detonate as the wave folded over on itself.  The sound like a rifle shot combined with the burst of speed generated that rush of adrenaline.  The stoke that keeps me coming back.  Not tonight...I'd been asking for this last ride since the last dry spell began.  Drifted 5 blocks with no more plans on walking.  Don't f**k with the Atlantic when she gives you what you ask for.  End of the session.  Last one to end with a warm body intact; a bit tired, but satisfied. Next walk was back to the truck.

   Evening's beer selection- local Shorebilly Brewing's Intergalactic IPA.  A boardwalk brewery making "sessionable" beers to be able to enjoy without falling out on your way out.  I've had it before and it was very tasteless, but they've obviously been getting better.  47 IBUs, so not as hoppy as my usual IPAs, but at 6.7, be careful, because after the first, it'll start to sneak up on ya.  Pours a golden amber with about a finger and a half head.  Fair carbonation, but good lacing.  Aroma and  taste of grapefruit-banana.  Hmmm.  I rated this session a B.
"Beam me up, y'all!"   -SBC