Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm Dreaming Of A Head, Chest, Even A Waist High Christmas, notes from the Rogue

Malibu's at 8th, 12/15

   Waist to chest high any of the weekends that I'm not busy with the holidays would be nice.  We've had some nice waist -plus days with water lingering around the 50F mark.  But, of course, the timing blows.  Let's face it, the holidays keep you running. Not much time (or bones-$) to do the travel this time of year either - 'cept maybe to see the lights.  So what do ya do after clearing your pockets, catching the lights, and checking off the good/bad list?  Grab a cold one 'n load up that surf dvd. Com'on man!

   Tonight's brewski is Southern Tier's seasonal offering 2XMAS.  A very Strong Ale weighing in at a hefty 8%ABV (an approximate 50 IBUs), this one has the hell spiced out of it.  A lot going on, and I mean A LOT!  Very strong scent of nutmeg, cinnamon, orange, name it, if it is in one of those Christmas cakes, this one's got it. Southern Tier claims "brewed in the tradition of Swedish Glogg."  Mulled wine.  Ok. It did pour an amber red with about a one finger head.  I could taste a boozy-wine finish. Sorta.  Not impressed with this one.  Bought a six and will be givin' away samples. Probably good for a cold day... a very cold day.  Rated it a C+ (a gift).  Merry Christmas!
"Christmas... brought to us by cola,
fast food, and beer.  Who'd have 
ever guessed that product con-
sumption, popular entertainment, 
and spirituality would mix so
-Bill Watterson

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

November's End, notes from the Rogue



   Did not get a lot of surf in November. None actually, since that first week.  I've watched the surf cam with longing the past few days, especially as the recent mild weather (60's and some 70 degree days) has boosted the surf temps into the lower fifties.  The holidays have been quite busy.  Drove to Chi-Town for Thanksgiving, bringing my Girl back with me for the week following.  Before I left I checked the reports...very flat. So, I'm thinkin', "good, I ain't missin' nothin'."  Black Friday brought some killer chest plus surf. Whataya do?  As it was, I had an awesome time.  The drive back included a special side trip to the surf town of St. Joseph, MI on the Third Coast shore of Lake Michigan,(that's what we do...we can't just drive straight...boring).
Lake Michigan dribs and drabs, 11/25

The following weekend brought in small surf to the East again...but we still checked it while cruising the MD/DE beach strip Christmas shopping.  The upcoming weekend has us in Naples, FL for my brother's 50th.  Busy, busy, busy.  I will get in at least one more time before year end.  Gotta.
Sandy's infliction: OC ankle-biters nip at the remnants of the Inlet pier, 12/1.
Nachos at the Big Chill, Rehoboth, DE, 12/1

   Taking in one of the last of my autumn brews, I had a very good French Style Ale (a Bie're de Garde) called Domaine DuPage.  Brewed by Two Brothers out of Warrenville, IL, this is a foodies beer at 5.9% ABV, smooth enough to pair with most anything, and with 24 IBUs, enough hops to finish off the palate.  Starts off with a sweet caramel malty taste with a just noticeable hop ending.  Amber pour with a one finger head.  I rated it a B+.
"Some people wanted champagne and caviar
when they should have had beer and hot dogs!"
-Dwight D. Eisenhower