Monday, June 17, 2013

Battling The Kook, notes from the Rogue

Sucking lefts, 6/14.
  When I experience an excessive amount of my inner Kook all hell breaks loose. Nothin' tastes' good, nothin' smells good, nothin' feels good.  I need to turn it quick.  I need to improve my performance now.  Which means more surf.  After last Tuesday, I went Friday.  Semi-clean conditions, chest high swell.   Nice session right?  Winds outta the northeast. Mostly lefts.  Didn't matter.  Couple of slides.  Got rolled more than I got rides.  Real kook.  I even wore the full suit.  No cold water excuses.  I sucked! - Sunday. Father's Day.  My kids were workin'.  Winds shifted to the south.  47th Street break. Small knee to waist sectioning lines.  Short rides.  Easy catch here and there. Still not feelin' it like I need to.  Used the shortie again.  Felt fine.  Even in the overcast 15kt windy conditions.  Less rubber is good.  Keep working it.

Make the most of it. 6/16
  Regardless of the less than productive sessions, a couple more beers for an otherwise productive weekend.  Got the grass cut, the mulch laid.  The first is an IPA I've been after for a few.  Ballast Point, a San Diego brewery with home brewing roots puts out Sculpin...a big fish rating 70 IBUs and like the Sculpin, ready to sting ya at 7% ABV.  Pours a rich orange color with a two finger head. Pine and grapefruit tones, to the point of being tropical.  Smooth, but not filling.  This was worth the wait.  Rated it an A!

  Allagash Black, a Belgian style Strong Ale, or Stout, dependin' on who ya ask.  At 7.5% ABV does it matter?  Tastes of dark chocolate without the bitterness.  Silky, malty, with a hint of coffee with light spice.  Thin half-finger head, mild carbonation, but nice lacing.  Not a hoppy beer at approximately 23 IBUs, but stong enough, heavy enough, and black enough to help fight off that inner Kook.  Rated it a B+.
"Stop posting your problems on Face-
book. Go to a bar like everyone else!'

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cold and Beaten, notes from the Rogue

Clean shape, 6/11
   Knew I should've brought an alternative to the spring shortie, but noooooo.  Tough guy, so I try.  Hit it, yesterday early evening, 'bout 6pm.  Got in a good 2 hours.  Water advertised at approx 64F.  Out last Thursday and wearing my 5/4 with boots, no gloves, I was warm.
6/6- Warm in the full five four.

   Psyched with conditions semi-clean at waist to chest.  No slop. Winds off-shore at about 15kts. Mid-tide. Crowded.  Started at 38th and Castles. After that first amazing drop I was rolled (couldn't quite get set) and every drop thereafter. Every hit from the board felt hard.  I just could not get warm. Could not get comfy cozy. When I was done I had a nice ten block walk south to warm back up (warm winds in the upper 70s). All digits tinglin'.  Chills from the cold water.  Beaten. I'm fighting off some serious vaginitis at my age for sure.  I'm starting to see why my older friends wait for warmer waters before their sessions begin.  Fightin' it off man, fightin' it off. Goin' again Thursday. Regardless.  The shortie's in the back of the Terrain.

   Couple of reviews this time 'round.  An fairly new local brewery 3rd Wave Brewing in Delmar, DE ( the old EVO brewery spot) has a 4.6% ABV sessionable Pale Ale called Shorebreak.  Very smooth, lightly hopped Pale with an amber pour displaying  good lacing.  Thin white head.  31 IBUs makes for a very refreshing finish.  Can drink a few without having to sleep away a few.  B rating.

  Lagunitas Brewing Company is one of those Northern Cal breweries separating itself from the rest of the San Fran area.  And Wilco Tango Foxtrot is one of those initial "limited releases" that was made seasonal to help secure the push pin on the map.  WTF! A seriously Imperial Brown Ale at 7.85% ABV, rich with chocolate and black malts up front and mellowed with 59IBUs of the spicy hop variety.  Single finger golden tan head and nice lacing.  Very fresh.  Sweet beginnings with a dry finish.  Drank this as a 22oz. bomber...wanted another.  Definite A+ brew.
"I'll have a froth of beer and a snorkel."