Monday, June 17, 2013

Battling The Kook, notes from the Rogue

Sucking lefts, 6/14.
  When I experience an excessive amount of my inner Kook all hell breaks loose. Nothin' tastes' good, nothin' smells good, nothin' feels good.  I need to turn it quick.  I need to improve my performance now.  Which means more surf.  After last Tuesday, I went Friday.  Semi-clean conditions, chest high swell.   Nice session right?  Winds outta the northeast. Mostly lefts.  Didn't matter.  Couple of slides.  Got rolled more than I got rides.  Real kook.  I even wore the full suit.  No cold water excuses.  I sucked! - Sunday. Father's Day.  My kids were workin'.  Winds shifted to the south.  47th Street break. Small knee to waist sectioning lines.  Short rides.  Easy catch here and there. Still not feelin' it like I need to.  Used the shortie again.  Felt fine.  Even in the overcast 15kt windy conditions.  Less rubber is good.  Keep working it.

Make the most of it. 6/16
  Regardless of the less than productive sessions, a couple more beers for an otherwise productive weekend.  Got the grass cut, the mulch laid.  The first is an IPA I've been after for a few.  Ballast Point, a San Diego brewery with home brewing roots puts out Sculpin...a big fish rating 70 IBUs and like the Sculpin, ready to sting ya at 7% ABV.  Pours a rich orange color with a two finger head. Pine and grapefruit tones, to the point of being tropical.  Smooth, but not filling.  This was worth the wait.  Rated it an A!

  Allagash Black, a Belgian style Strong Ale, or Stout, dependin' on who ya ask.  At 7.5% ABV does it matter?  Tastes of dark chocolate without the bitterness.  Silky, malty, with a hint of coffee with light spice.  Thin half-finger head, mild carbonation, but nice lacing.  Not a hoppy beer at approximately 23 IBUs, but stong enough, heavy enough, and black enough to help fight off that inner Kook.  Rated it a B+.
"Stop posting your problems on Face-
book. Go to a bar like everyone else!'

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