Friday, March 31, 2017

Hunting Trip, notes from the Rogue

Pines shoreline, Ocean Pines, MD.

   Literally writing this completely the night before. Short post leading into an off-centered (Sat thru Tue) weekend trip to the Right Coast. House hunting in the Ocean Pines and West O areas. Got money to spend. Not that we want to, but this is to be a long time/full time Coastal Dig. Got to get it right. Means excitement. Means stoke. Means angst.
  Beer to prepare. Brickstone Brewery, a newbie for the Rogue outta Bourbonnais, IL Where the hell Bourbonnais is leaves me at a loss. Regardless, they are on hop point. The American Pale (APA) poured a shimmering orange with a finger and half fluff of head. Solid lacing and carbonation. Floral aromas with hints of apricot and melon. 45 IBUs of hop bite that tasted of grapefruit citrus and pine with a toffee background. The ABV of 6.25% made for a solid brew without too much of a spanking. I rated this a B+/A-.
"One victory, you deserve beer. 
One defeat, you need it."  -Napoleon

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Move As One, notes from the Rogue.

So whatever thrills you, anything you love to do
Whether it's big or small, if you have a passion at all
Just say, someday I will.      -Buffett

   It's been a mild winter in the Midwest. No significant snow since December. Then we hit March. Just 'round the corner from Spring. Two straight days of snow. Now really, I shouldn't be bitchin'. Actually I'm not. Well a little. First snowfall was less than an inch. The second depended on where you were. Just under two inches in our woods. About seven in the city. But the ground was warm. the sun came out. Most of it gone by the end of the week. Snow and traffic. Won't miss it.
Coyote ugly, Aurora, IL 3/16/2017.
   No longer a matter of "if." More of a "when."Job has been secured. Even the house on Spearin has a contract (though I am not counting my blessings there until we go through close). The most daunting task ahead...moving back from the Midwest, followed in a close 2nd by finding a new home on the Shore. Starting the new job by week two of May. Lots to do. Goal is to grab that first sesh in May regardless of what is in front. Still have to cover everything, and everyone else. Ah, the essence of the surf. I know the Wife is apprehensive about the move. But, she loves the area. Our new home will be us. Not me. Not her. Move as one. Looking forward to the journey.
   First beer to survey this post...a newbie brewery, Odell Brewing outta Fort Collins, Colorado and their IPA. Poured a deep amber red with a two finger fluff of head. Up front, tasty tones of toasted bread and malt that was rounded out nicely with a strong pine and citrus punch on the back end. Nice carbonation with a bitter-sweet, resinous bite in the finish. 7% ABV/60 IBUs. Dude! I needed another. In fact I did another. Rated an A-.
Porters. I've struggled to appreciate this species of beer. Usually has a smoke to both the taste and aroma. Makes a Porter prime for barbecue or grilled food. But I'm not doing too much of that in the Winter/early Spring. And Summer usually calls for lighter offerings. Brought in another Deschutes Brewing. Liking their brews. Paired their Black Butte Porter with our St. Paddy's corned beef. This definitely struck a chord. Poured a brown, almost dark amber with a beige, finger and a half head. Thin, fast dissipating lacing. Aromas of chocolate and coffee. Very smooth creamy feel with tastes of roasted malt, dark cherry, and more chocolate. Easy drinking at 5.2% ABV. Lightly bitter at 30 IBUs, Not an overly dry finish. Could drink one after another. Rated a B+/A-.