Tuesday, September 30, 2014

the September Sessions 2014, notes from the Rogue

Summer Slam: Cat 1 Hurricane Cristobal drops the hatch on the Summer of '14. 8/27/2014

   An eventful month to the extreme.  From my Chicago Girl spending the month with me on the Sho' to my granddaughter being born, this was a busy one. Doin' a chronological (sorta) post in pics.  Here goes-
From animals to beer, did the best of Chicago during Labor Day weekend
 Lincoln Park skyline, 8/31
Pointin' the way with beer 
buddy Mike.  Lagunitas new
 Chi-town brewery, 8/31/2014.

Lagunitas Brewing's latest offering.  The Chicago brewery and pub delivered, but was quite crowded.  We hit it on a Sunday and therefore caught them running outta food, drink, even pick-me ups (souvenirs).  The beer however much was left, still good shit.

"Acceptance is always the first step"
-Lagunitas Chicago

Lagunitas Undercover Shutdown.  American Strong Ale.  Offered at the Chi-Land brewery-pub. Deep amber pour, Two finger head.  Excellent lacing.  Hints of pine and ketchup/tomato in the scent.  First taste give you an explosion of good old fashioned hop bitterness that is smoothed out by a toffee-malt finish.  An excellent summer transcending beer from Lagunitas Chicago. Rated A+. Get it Dog!

Lone wolf Cristobal closed the summer months with some nice semi-clean waist to chest frontsides.  65th Street, 8/27/2014.  But, a week later the Right Coast had shrunk to little more than knee high slushies (below).  9/4/2014

  A nice beer to start the offseason was Breckenridge Brewery's Small Batch 471 IPA, a limited edition imperial IPA brewed in the Rockies of Colorado.  Redefined the meaning of "hoppy" with four types of hops.  Dropping in at 70 IBVs and 9.2 ABV, the 22oz bomber was enough to get the night on. Lingering notes of peach and citrus with hints of pine and juniper.  Bitterness was fresh, not overwhelming.  Rated 471 an A.
"I have respect for beer"
-Russell Crowe

Delaware's Cape Henlopen coast feeling the Fall nor'east churn.  9/7/2014

The second week of September brought in a swell outta the northeast.  Waist high at high tide, A bit of chop to deal with, but just the right amount of a rip to get me past the strong north to south sideshore current.  More backsides than rights, though I was able to juice a right from one of 'em.  Holidays and 67th street. 9/10.  As the weekend was broached, we headed south.  Williamsburg,VA. (below).  Plenty of Virginia's southern cookin' and seafood. And history.  And beer. We love this place.  Very cool.  
Entering Virginny 9/13/2014

Party colonial style.  Chownings Tavern. 9/14/2014

Governor's Palace.

DoG Street Pub.  Another most excellent watering hole.

Legend Brewing Company's Brown Ale.  A Brit Style ale rich in roasted malt flavor with notes of caramel and coffee and at 28 IBUs, a crisp dry hop finish.  Set at 6%ABV, this one went perfect with dinner our first night in town.  Poured a ruby brown with a fluffy white one finger head.  Rated this a B+.

Dinner on the York River.  Water Street Grille, Yorktown, VA 9/14/2014
Day's end crossing the Bay Bridge Tunnel.  Fisherman's Island, Eastern Shore, VA. 9/14/2014

Another awesome weekend...Crabs n beer at the
 Old Mill on Friday, then my brother and his wife,
 my daughter, Lisa and I, more beer and a bonfire
 on Sunday. 9/19 to 9/21/2014.

Autumn Exploration

Fire on High...date night in search of the perfect pumpkin, Wicomico County, MD. 9/23/2014

"My bucket list...1)Ice, 2)Beer."

Devils Backbone Brewing's fall seasonal, Pumpkin Hunter Pumpkin Ale.  Poured a cloudy orange-amber with a half finger white head.  Light lacing with scents of nutmeg and pumpkin. Mild pumpkin pie taste.  Not overwhelming, not real strong.  Nice sessionable pumpkin ale.  5.1%ABV.  22 IBUs. Finished off the night well. We rated this one a B-.

AND THEN my life changed again...

My three favorite girls! 9/27/2014

This post dedicated to my daughter's
first child... my first granddaughter:
Adriana Claire...Born September 26th, 2014
Full of Beauty and Stoke!