Monday, September 23, 2013

Liquidation, notes from the Rogue

El Sol's receding.  Gotta roll, 9/23

   Autumn brings shorter days, cooler nights.  As the the year progresses to an end, time seems to run out much faster.  Daylight.  Warm spells. Surf time.  Bike time. Grass cuttin' time (love that mower).  Nothing lasts quite as long.  Well, almost nothing...  I digress.  Got  a late start on this evening.  Was gonna hit the surf.  Even had the board in the car.  Expected swell didn't arrive.  My daughter did.  Met Bo Dannon for a coffee and homework.  Got home about 6:30-ish.  Hit the road for a quick ride.  About 45 minutes or so.  Dusk most of the way.  Dark as I turned back down my road.
  The last few weeks have brought swill for surf.  Sloppy. Closing out.  It seemed I could pinch a couple of rides up front and then "boom."  Nothing.  A veritable liquidation of all swell rideable.  I'm a Kook. I try to make the most outta nothin' but I just get frustrated.  The more I push, the worse it gets.  All assets, gone.  Gotta learn to cut my losses or in this case, toss those bitter pills before I force 'em down.
"On a cloud of sound I drift in the night, any place it goes is right.  Goes
far.  Flies near.  To the stars away from here."          -Steppenwolf
So the ride is eradicated in front of ya.  It's still time in the aqua.
Liquidation.  Holidays, Mid-September
   This week's brew is an ode to the 'tweener season.  The feel of Summer not quite gone, the brunt of Fall not yet here.  Sierra Nevada's Flipside.  A Red IPA with a considerable hop kick (60 IBUs) up front.  I searched high and low for this bee-ahhtch and found it Delaware.  Thinking it was all that, I must admit a bit of disappointment.  Only because this, to me anyways, was more of an English IPA, more earthy/piney bitterness, less grapefruityness.  Minimal sweetness on the malt cusp. However, it walks the walk.  At 6.2% ABV, enough warmth to overcome the cool nights without making you too toasty during the daylight hours.  I rated it a B.
"For the final flash of summer..."
 - SN Brewing

Monday, September 16, 2013

Fear The Goat, notes from the Rogue

Mids muscle up after another Navy touchdown. 9/14
   If I'm gonna miss a weekend swell, it will always be for a good! Tripped it out to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD this weekend.  Joined my brother to catch opening day of Navy Football.  Midshipmen vs. the U. of Delaware Fighting Blue Hens.  Added cool points in the fact that my brother's son, Ben, is a Mid in his sophomore year at the academy.  Watched the March to the field, did a mini- tour of the "The Yard," and Bancroft Hall, did the two mile jaunt to the stadium.
March of the Brigade.  Ben's Company prepares to head out.

Fear The Goat
Beer, sausage, BBQ, an awesome tailgate tent (though it was predominantly DE fans - but not hostile).  And then proceeded to watch Navy roll over Delaware 51-7.  Good times, good times.
QB Keenan Reynolds was 10 for 13, 233 yards, and 2 TDs.

DeBrandon Sanders sprints for another Navy score.

Navy Pride.
  The weekend's brew was a local one.  Located in the Washington D.C. suburbs, DuClaw Brewing's Hellrazer IPA.  Billed as having "death defying levels of New Zealand Motueka Hops," this one has an aroma that is an explosion of pine and grapefruit.  At 85 IBUs, no doubt why.  Add the ABV of 7.5% and the skull on the label makes sense.  Needless to say, the six lasted a while.  Pours an orange-amber with a finger and a half head.  Great lacing with carbonation that is not overwhelming. Balanced malt allows for a casual sweet taste with a hint of citrus fruit up front with a crisp, dry finish. I like it. Gets an A- rating.
"Don't give up the
  -L. DeBeer

Monday, September 9, 2013

Putting In Time, notes from the Rogue

Castles Beach, 9/8.

   Biked about 8 miles Saturday. Nice day. Took it easy. Surfed Castles Sunday. Knee to waist textured swell.  Flushed out by 7pm as high tide came in.  Some tropical storm activity far off the coast may bring some decent waves later in the week. Just not feeling it. End of summer blues. Like I'm just putting in time 'til the weather change hits.

  The Fall beers are hitting the shelves hard.  Put down Brooklyn Brewery's Oktoberfest. Biscuity aroma.   Nice toasted malt and toffee taste with German hops up front to balance.  Some sweetness in the finish.  Doesn't set the world on fire, but a very drinkable session Marzen at 5.5% ABV and 25 IBUs.  Rated it a C+.
"Wanna beer, or somethin' like that?"
   -Robert De Niro, The Deer Hunter

Friday, September 6, 2013

Lake Effect Surf/A Cell Story, notes from the Rogue

Lake Atlantic.  Holidays, 9/5

   Hit the beach yesterday afternoon for a quick surf and some grub.  Got the grub.  I say, "you don't know until you go."  When I got there, I knew.  Report said knee to thigh.  A cell phone picture says a thousand words (note - all pics in this post - cell phone, dude).  The Right Coast version of the legendary lake effects...Lake Effect Surf.  Saw a dad and his boy on a couple of body boards. Even a father-son sponge session seemed to be for naught.  Didn't even pull the board.  Dinner was good though.  Opening night of the NFL.  Nice.

   Speaking of lake effects, was out in the Lake Michigan area over the past weekend doing a birthday tour for my Chicago Girl.  We hit a fav hot spot.  Solemn Oath Brewery (otherwise known as SOB).  Located in an industrial park in Naperville, IL. This place is a rock star.  Beers are off the hook, with some serious, original, off the wall names.  Did a Belgian-American Black Ale called "None More Black."  Smooth, nice carbo with a one and a half finger head. Excellent lacing.  7.5% ABV though it hit in the end.  Spicy roasted barley, grapefruit-citrus aroma.  The 80 IBUs give a fresh, satisfying hop kick in the finish.  One of my few A+'s.  Seriously.  Made for a nice evening.
"Beer...the lubricant of social
intercourse"    - Rennie Ellis