Monday, August 26, 2013

Shoulda' Been Here This Morning, notes from the Rogue

Am there this afternoon.  47th Street.  8/26

  Surf report said waist to stomach. Reality was knee to somewhat occasional sorta waist.  Low tide made for quick, fast rides.  Cruised none, carved a few, slammed on a couple, real kookdom on the last of the night.  A tad on the aggro side.  My impatience (and the the fading light).  When I first arrived I was talking to a dude who was telling me how rough it was yesterday, but how clean..."almost head," this morning.  "Shoulda' been here this morning dude.  Absolutely sick."  I'm grateful for the cliche'.  The session that got away.  Very grateful for each and every ride this evening.  The evening itself?  Warm, late-summer offshores, water still around 70F, incredible sunset glistening a faded purple, red, and fiery orange off the short lived walls of every wave...absolutely sick.
El Galeon Andalucia docked between 3rd and 4th streets and 
bayside.  Truly a sight to see.  Sponsored by Heavy Seas
Brewery, the damn ship is  humongoleous.  Gives a whole
new meaning to the term "tall ship" for F#^kg real!

  The evenings' brew presented by Wolaver's.  Organic Pumpkin Ale.  Yes, the summer is nearing the end, and these beers are popping up everywhere.  5.35% ABV. Low enough for more than one!  Poured an orange-copper with about a finger plus orange-tan head.  The expected hints of nutmeg, coriander, and pumpkin spices. I could really taste the pumpkin, which for me, is a plus.  It IS a pumpkin ale. Light hop in the finish (15 IBU).  Nice intro into the next season.  I rated it a B+.
"Beer makes you feel the way you
ought to feel without beer."
-Henry Lawson

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mucho Aloha Ya'll, notes from the Rogue

Jellies; no extra charge.  8/10

   Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  My buddy Thom calls it Ocean City on steroids.  We did a drive by downtown.  He's right.  But, this vacation was not about the clubs, it was about WeWaxSation (relax son!).  Thom's condo was incredible.  The hospitality Thom and his wife Barbara provided was awesome.  Lisa and I are still missing it.  A sure sign of a respite that met all requirements.  The waves...much like Maryland has had all summer... perfect for the 8'8" Orion Thom set me up with.  Knee to thigh with jellies mixed in.  Loved it.  Even the rides were relaxing.  Local surf shop Surf City coined the down south stoke perfectly: "Mucho Aloha Y'all."  The shop's surf guru Choue (Chow).  Cool name, cool dude.  Put it best, "three languages slaughtered in one phrase!"
Southern cookin'.  NC/SC border, Tabor City, NC.  8/9

View from condo balcony.

Happy to be beachin' it.
Peelin' back the onion...Stoke.  Mucho Aloha Y'all.  8/11

Thom put on some imposing ribs.  Just couldn't be beat.
We raved about 'em all night.  The wine choices - 
outstanding. His wife's daughter, Kory, made me an award
winning Birthday Turtle Cheesecake.  Seriously, she won a
bake-off at Campbell's soup where her Mom works.  The 
recipe was kept safe...still under lock and key in Thom's

   JB.  Always been a fan.  Margaritaville.  Commercial.  Touristy.  Fun.  Our bartenders were social. and we enjoyed an evening on Broadway (at the Beach).
More surf.  8/12

Conch, Grouper and Beer,  Nice.

Ya get down to Myrtle beach, try to make the trip to Charleston, SC.  Idyllic. Lots of food.  Lots of southern architecture.  Lots of history.  
Entrance to Charles Town.  

Oskar Blues testing the Repeal.

Toast of the Civil War
Ft. Sumter, 8/13.
South Carolina.  The start of Secession.  The border of southern hospitality.  True hospitality and a waterman's paradise.

Sunset on the Santee. 

Murrells Inlet.  Full of Dogs and Cats.

The last morning out.  8/14.  Waves were waist plus.  Clean.  Lisa and I
sleeping in from trip back from Charleston, the seafood pot and beer at
Dead Dog, and a hard fought round of mini-golf.  Cell alert rings. Text from
Thom.  Swell best it's been all year. "Get yo ass out here." I dragged it. No
coffee boost.  Did not disappoint.  Smooooth, easy rolling. We were out 
until almost 1pm.  Thom a good hour longer than  me (and he ran in the
AM first).   We surfed until tanked.  Now that's Stoke.
Thom, lookin' cooool.  8/14

The ride home sucks.  But, we took our time.  Kids would'a sliced their wrists waitin' for us.  That's why we go it alone from time to time.

Tobacco - south's cash crop.

End of the line state... Cheasapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, VA.  8/15

   The beer of the week was a northern brewery's beer;  Yuengling's Black and Tan.  A smooth blend of their Porter and Lager.  Tastes of coffee and caramel combine into a rich, malty finish with just enough of a hop background to satisfy.  Pours a very dark brown with a one finger head.  Plenty of carbonation.  I like this one.  Always have.   Had a six waiting in the 'frig of our condo when we arrived.  In fact, I'm havin' one now. Thom...can't say "Thanks" enough brah!  Rated it a solid B. The trip, an A+!

We liked. 8/16

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Flaked Out, notes from the Rogue

Start gate, 8/04

   40th Annual White Marlin Open about to begin.  Stopped by registration day at Harbor Island on 14th and the bay.

Registration line-up

   Picked up T-Shirt for my girl.  Vacation starts end of this week.  Don't believe we'll make the weigh ins or the "off the boat" tuna steak sandwiches.  Oh well, I like the festivities.  Would love to go Marlin/Shark/Tuna fishin' just once.   Many lost opportunities in my past.  Definitely on my "bucket list."

   I preach that you "don't know until you go," but this afternoon's surf report was pretty accurate. Not much better than ankle...maybe a set or two of knee.  No power.  Occasional sectioning. Mostly lefts. Inconsistent, flaked out, break- like a child that can't make up it's mind to walk or just sit down and say "fuck it!" Nights like this I try just to enjoy the fresh salt air, the light summer breeze, the warming sea ('bout 73F). Impatience butts in it's ugly head.  Take the time. Be still.
Peace.  Be Still.
   A not so flat choice tonight was Burley Oak's 'Murica (slang cut for America), an American Brown Ale set  at 6.0 ABV and hopped out at 50IBUs.  I did a growler of this brew over the weekend.  Pours a cloudy medium brown.  Finger and a half head.  Fair, fast dissipating lacing.  Very nice carbonation.  I've mentioned before, I'm not much of a brown ale fan, but this was a smooth drinking beer with a smell of toffee and oats, and a lightly sweet taste of coffee... with the bitterness of the hops it was like drinking Starbucks with a zing. Only if it was a Starbucks I'd have definitely added more sugar. Still...good stuff for a Brown.  I rated this a B.
"'Murica may have some problems,
but it's our Home, Our Team.  And if
you don't want to root for your team,
then you should get the hell outta the
stadium!"              - Stan, South Park