Thursday, August 27, 2015

Indigestion, notes from the Rogue.

AM Zombie clean-up. Chicago's 88. 8/24/2015.

   Having a hard time determining what direction to go in right now. Moved to Chicago’s western suburbia of Aurora. Home of Wayne and Garth. The 875 plus miles have severely limited my time in the water. Not saying that surfin’ Lake Michigan is outta the question. But, it’s not in my near future. Still have to finish cleaning out the ‘shore home. Plan on going back in September for my granddaughter’s birthday, but there won’t be much time for cleaning. So another trip or two will need to be planned. Water-stick time will be scheduled. Most definitely.
   Training in a new sales job…a lot to digest. The commute alone is an hour each way. Traffic. Local schools and colleges starting. Construction every which way. The immediate need (and help) would be to get back in the gym. Hell, I need to join a gym! As my fiancĂ© tells me, “eat that elephant one bite at a time.” Think I’m gonna need some sorta Prilosec real soon. Gotta find the stoke again.
"Wake the world with a brand new morning." -Beach Boys
Sunrise over the Atlantic.  (courtesy Malibus).
   When indigestion hits, drink a beer. I cooled off the reflux with a couple of summer IPAs. Red Hook Brewery hailing from Woodinville, WA puts out Long Hammer IPA. Pours a cloudy gold with a finger plus off-white head. Could smell the pine and citrus, but the taste was weak. Like a light IPA. The 44 IBU’s attested to that, but the 6.2% alcohol meant a sixer wouldn’t last long. Mildly refreshing, I rated it a C+.

   3rd Wave out of Delmar, DE just started bottling, and if they could get their IPA to match it’s label art it would be more highly rated. Poured an amber gold. Slight cloudiness. Finger and a half off-white head. This one was set at 63 IBUs. Sort of an English IPA which meant it had less maltiness and more bitterness with more resin than grapefruit tones. I’m working on acquiring this taste. Gave ‘em the benefit. B- rating.
"Beer doesn't ask silly questions...Beer
understands."  -Beer Advocate.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Can't Let Go, the Rogue's notes.

Last call. All broken up...southeast slop, 33rd Street Surf Beach 8/3/2015

   I've tried. Even made promises to myself. All broken. Can't just pack it up and forget about it. I won't let go of the Stoke. Did finish the initial pack ‘n move. Basically essentials. Food. Clothes. Pictures/books…shit-tons. Personal stuff. Still, while I plan on renting, I am a long way from being emptied out. Lot of junk. Have storage space? You pretty much fill it up. Needed to get a last fix in before my fiancĂ© and I hit the road for Chi-town. Late AM, Monday the 3rd.  The shoreline was calling. Stopped by Harborside in West OC for lunch then hit the day’s assigned surf beach on 33rd street. Located at the Hilton Oceanfront
One of OC's best. The Crab Club

Harborside 8/3/2015

Very convenient for showering off at the end of a session. Just south of Castles, I was hoping the break took advantage of the slight Point in that area. But, fifteen to twenty knot SE winds chopped up the thigh high surf making for some pretty disheveled swell. At least they were breakin’ right. Short of the wind and sloppy conditions the day was gorgeous. Air in the 80’s, water about 80. Mid-tide. Managed a couple decent jams. Churned in a combat drill with the afternoon’s grinding, northbound current. Best, and longest of the day was a late take-off from the pitching lip of a rogue waisty. 

Randy Lee and the Salt Water Cowboys

    Concluded our day on the bayside at 14th street. Harbour Island hosting the  42nd annual White Marlin Open. Had to get in the sesh-end protein. Couple of fresh-off-the-boat, grilled, Yellowfin Tuna sandwiches. Watched a few tuna and dolphin (Mahi Mahi), brought in at the scales. Finished with a sunset off the Sinepuxant. Feel good memories of home, seasoned with salt. Time to move on. 
Game winner...$1.3Mil!
Winning Blue and 3rd place Mahi (below).

   Washed down the mixed emotions of the move with a DuClaw brew. New favorite of my Chi-Girl, Naked Fish Chocolate Raspberry Stout. Pour was almost black in color with a two finger, brown head. Like it’s lacing, the aroma was thick. No missing the chocolate-raspberry coffee it was brewed with. Not heavy in consistency or alcohol (4.6 ABV), and not overly sweet. Actually, not sweet at all. Almost a dry finish; lightly hopped 30 IBUs. I rated it a B.
"Give a man a fish and he will
eat for a day. Teach him how to
fish and he will sit in a boat and
drink beer all day"   -George Carlin

We'll be back!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Just One More; Letting Go Pt. 2, the Rogue's notes.

"You're always checking the weather, the swell, and just getting amped about finding
 waves somewhere."  - Dale Webster
Knee or less, but a stoked day on the water. Castles at 38th. 7/22/2015

   I find myself missing the 'Shore. As I pack up my home I am stressing about the magnitude of it all. My fiance is with me. My calming force. But as a mid-west native, she finds herself wondering if I can handle leaving the embrace of the Atlantic. It's for a while. Not permanent. I keep telling myself. Still, we say a few unspecific amount of time. My surf-time has fallen off. Went last week. Gorgeous evening on the water. Not very big...knee at best. But very clean, with clear, warm water. The crowded line-up (both surfers and tourons alike) attested to that.
'Shore country...the road to ye 'ole Homestead. 7/24/2015

   This week sucked. As in a sucking beach break chock full of walls of salt and sand. Beggin' to snap a board...or at least a fin. It was like Neptune himself was saying "Enough! No entrada." Still a few more days before I head out. Ahhhhhhh. Hope. One of my favorite quotes: "When the world says give up, Hope whispers...try it one more time." Looking for one more.
Suck me! No rides allowed, Holidays at 66th. 7/30/2015

   Heavy-hearted days called for heavier beers. Sitting on my front stoop, Flying Dog's Kujo was right at home. Strong coffee aroma with a boozy background. An Imperial Stout that at 8.9% alcohol, needs to be reeled in before too many are let loose. Rounded out by a nice hoppiness (40 IBUs). Tastes of coffee and dark chocolate. Poured a deep, dark, brown with a light brown finger and a half head. Thick chocolate colored lacing. Got this one from a coworker as a going -away offering. As I said, a bit boozy but still like my coffee! Rated a B.
"It's not drinking alone if the dog is
home"   -Anonymous

Solemn far my favorite Mid-West brewery. They continue to satisfy. Wreckage Master is an American Double/Imperial IPA full of juicy, grapefruity hops...115 IBUs worth! That being said, aromas of island mango and citrus. Tastes of swirled caramel in the back and tart, bitter grapefruit up front. Poured an amber-orange with an off white one finger head. Another heavy-weight champ. Rated an A.