Sunday, February 23, 2014

Just A Taste, notes from the Rogue

Sunrise on Lake Michigan.  Loyola Beach, Chicago.                   photo courtesy Curtis Irby

   Not much doin' in the OC.  Cold.  Some snow.  Ocean in the upper 30's.  Ice everywhere.  Be like surfin' an ice tray.  Valentine's weekend... decided to head west and get a taste of Chicago. Met up with my Girl.  I'm tellin' ya, it's all about timing.  Got some snow, got some beer, got some chow.  Got some more snow, got some more beer, got some more chow.  Drinkin' an eatin'.  Great weekend.

The Beer Market. Bolingbrook, IL
  Get Stoked on the wings and beer! 2/14

The Market's offering...Not Your Father's Root
 Beer at 19.5%, Green Flash's Palate Wrecker
 at 9.5% and countless other choices.  Whew!
Layer after layer.  Aurora, IL 2/16

   Small Town Brewery puts forth a spiced Dark Amber Ale that will knock your socks off. Not Your Father's Root Beer is hard core on draft at 19.5% ABV.  You don't wanna drink more than one.  Last weekend, we did their latest bomber measuring 10% ABV and approximately 10 IBUs.  This ale taste is dead on root beer.  I mean they got it down.  In my mind, the 19.5'er is A+, but the 10%'r is still up there at an A.  Little less taste, but still nice.  Pours a dark brown with a very thin head.  Not a lot of carbonation or lace either.  Creamy, with hints of vanilla and sassafras with a light boozy finish. Next time, we're gettin' some ice cream!
"Beer, it's the best damn drink in
 the world!"             -Jack Nicholson

Monday, February 3, 2014

Cold Relief, notes from the Rogue

   Nice weekend. 50+ degrees F.  Can't beat that after all this snow and single digit crap. As much snow as the Island got (close to 8"), Ocean City still had quite a bit layin' around despite the warm up. Calm day though. Thigh to waist points. Translucent green salted around 40F. Nice relief from the cold, but I can still feel Spring 'bout two months away.
Snowblind.  11th street, 2/2

   My latest appraisal is Fin City Brewing's Jackspot Amber Ale.  Sessionable at 5.8% an Amber/Red Ale that drinks similar to a Sam Adams Boston Lager (IBUs approx 20-30).  I had this in a growler originally, not a good traveller.  In a bottle, much fresher taste.  Dark, clear, amber color with a thin off white head.  Malt front, medium aroma and taste of toffee, with a light hop background.  I drank several, so not bad.  Didn't wow me, but not bad.  C+ rating.
"If I saved all the money I spent
on beer, I'd spend it on beer"
-Earl Dibbles, Jr.

   For Super Sunday I brought in a super IPA. Deschutes Brewery's Inversion.  I've stayed in Bend, Oregon.  The Riverhouse Hotel, rooms with a sliding glass doors that opened to the Deschutes River. This beer takes me back.  Awesome area.  Skiing, beer, hiking, beer, mountain biking, get the point. The brew takes it's namesake seriously. A yin of crystal malts overrun by the yang of five different hop varieties including the local Cascade.  Pours a cloudy, amber-brown with a finger white head.  Light caramel taste with strong notes of grapefruit and mango. Powerfully hopped at 80 IBUs and a moderate 6.8% ABV. Rated an A-.  Git It Boy!