Sunday, May 14, 2017

Move It On Over, the Rogue's notes

Move out ready. Aurora, IL 4/30/2017

So move it on over
Rock it on over
Move over little dog
A big old dog is movin' in.
   -George Thorogood and the Destroyers

  It was on. The move. Truck in Friday. Packed Saturday. Closed Sunday. Followed a rain storm all the way to the Coast. No Fitz storm, but still made the drive painful. Didn't deter us. Throw in a few beerskis. Good to go. Will miss our friends and neighbors. Tradin' up traffic for flood insurance. As intimidating as the consideration of water damage might sound, we've chosen the insurance. Give us liquid sunshine and water-views. Here come da Pines!
At Home.
The Point, Ocean Pines 5/8/2017.

  Two brews, Dog. Think I may have mentioned it before. Not a big porter fan. Usually smoky. More of a BBQ pairing beer. Cleveland's Great Lakes Brewing Company has an appreciation for brew kooks like myself. Edmund Fitzgerald Porter. Still pairs with BBQ, but also goes very well with seafood (ie. oysters). Aromas of roasted barley, bittersweet chocolate, and coffee. Enough hop yang (37 IBUs) to counter the malt yin. Poured almost black with tints of brown and a two finger light brown head. Heavy lacing. The warming 6.0% ABV counteracts the sting of cool spring evenings, or a mid-50's right coast session. Sorta creamy; almost stout-like in feel. Rated an A-.
Does anyone know where
the love of God goes
When the waves turn the
minutes to hours?
           -Gordon Lightfoot, 
           The Wreck of the
           Edmund Fitzgerald
So, finished up a chilly spring sesh, but don't want a heavy porter? Fordham & Dominion Brewing of Dover, DE. does a Belgian candy brewed Tripel crashing in at 8.5% ABV sure to end the defrost tremors. Sweet and a bit boozy, Candi Belgian Tripel poured a rich gold with a tight finger and a half head. Bready. Peppery. The result of the spicy Belgian yeast and smooth malt. Tasted of tropical fruit and bananas. Herbal hops blended in at 20 IBUs which gave this sweet brew a light feel in the finish. Could be dangerous by number six. Rated a B+.

Tubular glass greeted our arrival. Roadways, 30th Street. 5/7/2017