Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend, the Rogue's notes.

Chopped knees, Holidays May 27, 2014.
   I was gonna go surfin' tonight, but the weather just wasn't cooperating.  Nor'east winds at 20-25mph.  Waist to chest chop slop lefties.  Did not look forward to fighting the break ( I am f#*king getting old!).  So... a photo blog of the holiday weekend with my Chicago Girl.
Dogfish Head Brewery, Milton, DE 5/24.

From Foxy's in St Michaels with Love, 5/26
Best Bloody Marys - St. Michaels Crab n Steak


Sunset on the Marina, St Michaels, 5/26.

Longboard Cafe, OCMD.  5/27.

Micky Fins - West OC,  5/27.

Sushi no other way - Yellowfin Tuna offa da boat...we came, we saw, we ate...Raw!

   Okay, so our beer of the weekend - fits a hot weather holiday on the Shore perfectly and a sure summer hit for 2014, Flying Dog's Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale.  Drink this one in a frosted glass.  Pours a pale-gold blond with a fat two finger white head. Limited lacing. Taste bursts with refreshing hops and the definitive peppery Old Bay finish.  Dry.  Not salty or briny.  Perfect for the summer crab feast or on it's own.  Very popular as we tried to pick up another six though none were to be found.  Not full of malt character.  No big hop backbone.  Just a lot of Maryland originality... for that and the sake of Old Bay..we rated this an A!
"Summer drinking rule #4: If there is ever
any confusion, the fuller beer is yours."

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Like-New Stoke, the Rogue's notes.

Mushburger heaven.  Holidays, 5/15/2014

  Finally grabbed that first ride last week.  Water in the mid-50s. 15-20kt on-shores made for mushy conditions without any power.  Thigh high at best.  So stoked.  Had the Cuisin' OC weekend with some awesome Muscle laying rubber down Coastal Highway.

Load up the boards!

"Do not roll!"

   Able to go again Sunday afternoon.  Blown out waist to chest.  Picked up my "like-new"  repaired 7'4" Shell.  Not sure if it was the right stick for the smashed swell. Got rolled a few times.... like losing control of  a jacked Chevelle SS.  More rides.  More stoke.  Great to finally get back in. Nothing beats water time.
47th Street power wash.  5/18/2014

Like-new.  Stoke ready.

   The weekend's brew notes include a beer from Bear Republic Brewing that was theme ready.  Hop Rod Rye, an 8% ABV that will roll ya if you abuse it.  Floral citrus notes with 80 IBUs of hoppy bite on the back end that will push you into a fish tail, SON!  Poured a dark hazy brown with a two finger tan head.  Really like these Rye IPAs.  Rated this an A.
"Nothing can catch her, nothing
can touch my 409 (409,409,409)."
-Beach boys

  An up and coming D.C. (go Skins!) Brewery, DC Brau Brewing is staying true to it's political following with a pretty good IPA known as The Corruption.  At 7% ABV it is just above "sessionable" but packs plenty of piney citrus Columbus Hops at 80 IBUs.  Nice amber hue with a solid 2+ finger, almost white head. Big malt spine with the hops muscling in the bitter bite at the end.  Rated this six a B.
"There's more to life than beer, but who
cares?"                               -A.Cook