Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Peace Of Spearin, the Rogue's notes

Blast from the past... waist high cruisin', Holiday's 67th Street. July, 2003... Hunger pains are still there.

   Next trip East has been set. Been hankerin' for a surf, so that will be a must. Likewise, we have work ahead of us. It appears ye 'ol homestead is just about sold. Just about. Lots of issues that have had to be worked through. Part of which may be considered "catastrophic" in some eyes. I mean, at one point I was really feelin' the pain. 12 years. Loved that house. That piece of Spearin Road. Found a strength there. Could say I gained back a level of control in my life as well. Prayed for a sign that this was the right thing to do. Finally had to pray to stop sending the signs. I got it. To move into the next adventure, to find that peace by the sea... the sale will go through. Been working back towards the coast. Now have a woman who will join me. Next step, find our home by the water. Mix some swell in there before and after.

   Brew reviews from down South this post 'round. A taste of southern coastal living. Abita Brewing of Covington, Louisiana pulls no shots with Bad Mother Shucker, an Oyster Stout with a taste of the light brine of Louisiana oysters and the sharpness of baking chocolate brought on by the malts. Spicy hop profile (45 IBUs) on the back end balances a very nice stout. Aromas of salted chocolate and coffee. Poured a reddish, hazy brown which surprises as most stouts are near black. But this just adds to the surprising boldness of the taste. A finger and a half tan head. 8% ABV makes the 22 ounce bomber potent. Rated an A-.

Goin' Coastal Pineapple IPA, Sweetwater Brewing's latest seasonal outta Atlanta, GA. Pours a clear deep gold with about a two finger head. Fair lace. Definitive aromas of pineapple that do not overpower in taste. As a matter of fact, this one tastes more like an IPL but with the 50 IBU hops dominating the finish...which of course, I like. Very refreshing for an IPA even at 6.1%. Just on the edge of sessionable. Nice for summer swigging. Rated a B+. 

"But now I see what have of this; the way people respond to summer madness." 
The OC's summer swing. L.Martin photo, 7/11/2016.