Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DoNe, the Rogue's notes

Homestead, evening.  3/25
   The ocean's 39F.  Coastal conditions are no better.  First day of spring was a week ago (just about).  I'm done with this snow.  Seriously.

    Brew time.  I know.  Perfect timing.  Sit back in front of the...well, no fireplace, but there's always surf videos.  Otter Creek Brewing's Kind Ryed.  A mature drinkers IPA. HAHA.  Ok that's what they called it.  I found it a smooth addition to Otter Creek/Wolaver's quiver.  A big East Coast American IPA designed to handle the foulest weather (like today).  Poured a cloudy burnt orange with a fluffy white two finger head.  Great carbination and lacing.  Peppery rye-malt notes were the yin to the yang of the citrus-pine explosion of four different hops. 60 IBUs worth.  Label credits brewmaster Mike Gerhart with this 6.5% ABV grade A brew.


     DuClaw...another one.  They're everywhere these days.  Cocoa Fuego.  A chocolate stout made for the transition from the cold.  Infused with chipotle peppers.  You really get the sting on your tongue from this delicious brew.  Pours a brownish-black with a thin brown head.  7.5% ABV is tempered by the warm aroma of expresso and silky taste of dark chocolate. The chipotle peppers actually enhance the sharp hoppiness (85 IBUs).  Nice way to quiet the roar of March.  Another A rating.
"Confront your fear. Master the pepper."  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Weather Report, the Rogue's notes

Patiently waiting, 3/3.

Boardwalk dust, 3/3.         - photo courtesy Dispatch

  An incredible weekend in the 60s then snow Monday and icy roads to contend with Tuesday.  The Farmers Almanac calls for just below average temps in March, although warming.  April lookin' above average.  We'll see.

  I don't know if they're growin' on me or what, but Brown Ales are startin' to appeal. DuClaw Brewing Company's EuForia.  An English Brown Ale with aromas of nutty toffee, caramel and mocha coffee.  Poured a hazy dark brown with a less than one finger tan head.  22 IBUs.  Strong malt backbone and enough Fuggle hops to tweak the finish. Sweet and bitter is not always the best combination to deal with (like those wasted years on that one crazy bitch), but EuForia at 5% ABV, leaves you with the temptation to try another.  Hmm, Fat Tuesday/Ash Wednesday.  Go figure.  Had as a bottle and a draft.  Rated B+/A-.
"I look like the kind of guy who has a
bottle of beer in my hand."

                                       -Charles Bronson

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Kick It Man!, the Rogue's notes

47th Street, 2/23

   Finally, February is done.  Now if we can just get Old Man Winter to kick the bucket for the season.  Two weekends in a row with upper 50's to low 60's and plenty of sun. Ringing in some serious Spring fever.  And we start two weeks in a row with a Winter Storm Warning.  This week, what the Weather Channel is calling Winter Storm Titan is expected to drop 4 to 8 inches of snow and sleet  (usually more sleet for us). C'mon Man!

 Seems like the Old Man his gettin' a 2nd wind.  Another one. He needs to end this.  Mother Ocean suspended between 38 and 40F, ain't never gonna warm up at this rate.
Empty lineup. Late February, 2014.

   To bring aid to the situation, I enlisted New Belgium to help with preparations for the Equinox (March 20) in a few weeks.  Their Belgian Style Spring Blonde Ale starts with a clear gold pour, plenty of lacing and a white one finger head. Opens with aromas of lemon, clove and pepper.  The taste of malt and lemon zest up front.  48 IBUs give hint to the dry but sharp refreshing hop finish.  6% ABV makes for a very drinkable six pack.  I rated this spring opener at B+.
"Apparently beer contains female
hormones.  After you drink enough
you can neither drive, nor shut the
hell up!"                        -A. Wandre