Monday, August 29, 2011

Shameless Dead Guy Post, notes from the Rogue

 I'm goin' to Chicago to see my girlfriend for the Labor Day weekend.  Irene made a mess of my yard with branches, leaves, and a tree strewn across. My neighbor Richard brought over his chainsaw and we did our own massacre to the log carcass, loping off armlengths of wood.  The grass was given a good soaking and now with bright sunshine the shit grows at an ungodly rate.  Gotta put the Beast to work.  I went surfing Sunday.  That leaves 2 days (I leave Wednesday night).  So what's my point?  Yardwork...don't like it...HATE it!  Love the results, but.  Since I'm outta town on the weekend (Neeeeed this time!) and don't wanna come back to a jungle, the home must be put in order.
   So, a shameless, surfless post featuring another taste of Irene (thank you WWW) and a parting review of Rogue Brewing's Dead Guy Ale:

Irene's wrath batters the OC Fishing Pier

Not so Quiet Storm Surf Shop, Boardwalk

Leniency requested

  Now, On To the Dead Guy-  I'm not so sure what a Maibock is, but this is one.  Purty good too!  Rogue Brewing Company's Dead Guy Ale.  With 6.5% ABV and 40 IBUs, this brew pours a knockout honey-amber color with 1.5F head.  The smell and taste of nutty malts with an air of hoppiness as well.  Nice carbonation with a clean finish.  Has a sweetness that allows it to drink smooth with a slight complimentary bitterness...does that make this "bittersweet?" (I swear I'm becoming a hop-head).  I've had this on tap at a local tap-house (of course).  Good stuff.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Afternoon Irene, notes from the Rogue

Goodnight Irene, goodnight Irene
I'll see you in my dreams.   -Huddie "Lead Belly" Ledbetter

Fall of an OC icon - the Inlet foghorn light



   WOW!  I'm not quite sure what to think about this hurricane.  The reporting seemed to leave many in a state of fear.  Phrases like "killer hurricane" and "storm of the century" had 'em running that's for sure. Not that I disagree with emergency readiness as I am a definite believer in the phrase "success favors the prepared mind"... most of the time anyway.  The evacuation of shoreline towns up and down the coast, Ocean City, MD included; very prudent decisions.  But, either we had a near miss, we got lucky and God was watchin', or somebody was full of $hit! Hmmmm- A&B, or all of the above?  Hmmmmmmmmm...

Dead tree falling

   Regardless, the most I had in the 'Bury was a dead tree fallen.  Bonfire!  Taking the opportunity in front of me, my camera, and my 7'4" Shell, I headed down to the coast.
Chauncey's Surf Shop - 31st St.

In town, one week short of Labor Day- you couldn't help but feel like the 2nd Season was upon us.  Scant traffic and boarded up resort businesses as a result of the storm's evac.

Inlet clean-up

Pier damage

Bare jetty
  In the lineup, well apparently that's where I found everyone.  Waverley Castle (36th St.).  Crowded for real.    I didn't know if the lineup was bad with the northbound escalator-like current, or the shoreline as a surf crowd of all ages, races and sizes of men, women, children hiked their way back south in a big 10 block circuit.  Off shore winds at 15+, low tide; did I mention strong northerly current?  Waves epic (if ya caught THAT ride), clean, fast; in short Bad Ass!

A charged session, and enough juice to go around.  Rides that got my adrenalin flowin'.  This is what this season provides.  This is what you watch the reports for.  As a surfer this is what it's all about.  Hurricane Season on the Right Coast.  Goodnight Irene.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Com'on Irene, notes from the Rogue

  Sometimes you just feel it.  I hear that.  I read it.  Sometimes I believe it.  But, a lot of what we feel is brought on subconsciously by what we see around us.  Summer is coming to an end.  Nights are gettin' cooler.  Days are less humid.  And this day/night hi/low change has been taking the crops to the color of harvest.
Gettin' near harvest time!

We still have the heat which has been keeping the OC's coast flat for a couple of weeks.  We've had a knee high day here and there but otherwise...
8/18 Knee highs
   Now, combine the Atlantic's summer warm water with the cooling air and you cook up Hurricane Season.  Relatively quiet till this week...along comes Irene out of the Carib...already up to a category 3!  The swell has started to build.  Meetin' a couple of the Crew on 66th to try a few tomorrow.  But, the real clean -up begins Sunday afternoon and Monday.  Gonna pump to scat outta work ASAP in the Monday PM for real!


Good tip.




   This post's review falls to New Belgium Brewing's Ranger IPA.  With a whopping 70 IBUs this brew is definitely not short on hops.  A 6.5% ABV will allow at least a 2nd bottle to verify your opinions. A beautiful copper/orange color that pours smooth with a nice 2.0 head and sweet lacing, it has a piney citrusey nose that lends to an equally smooth taste.  In the words of the store manager I bought it from...delicious!  Gives reason to git me another.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Long Weekend Pass, notes from the Rogue

Ok, so I'm a bit late on this post.  Slackin,' I know.  Suffice to say I do not spend all my time alone.  The weekend that we began on 8/11, my girlfriend and I hit the White Marlin Open as well as a little sunset Stand-Up Paddleboarding. I'm posting for the pic's.  Great looong weekend.  She is incredible!

WMO 8/11 - the only Blue Marlin of the tournament

Tournament namesake

Tuner Tuna - Yellowfin

Everyone loves a shark no matter what size

Smile for the camera!

Mahi Mahi

Days end - Into the Glow

The evening could not have been better!  Glassy Little Assawoman Bay.
Awesome sunset paddle - 8/12

  As for this entry's review, we had been saving this weekend for a bottle full of stoke and this one was it-  Evolution Craft Brewing's Spring Migration 2011 Rum Barrel Golden Ale.  An American Strong Ale that checks in at 10%ABV, it had a nice cloudy appearance as do most of Evo's creations.  Began with a scent and taste of vanilla and light rum with hints of a floral coconut.  The hops lent a nice crisp finish with just a slight heated end.  Another bottle please...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Emily's Kiss, notes from the Rogue

   So I'm ending the workday debating: gym or surf?  Looking at the surf report AND calling a local surf shop I confirm my gut, this evening will have the sickest waves of the week.  My gym partner is willing to switch to Tuesday.  Done!  Looking at the rest of the week the surf gets smaller and smaller and smaller...  back to flat by the weekend. Hittin' it today? Done!
Not me. 8/8
   Parking search ended right in front of Castles on 37th.  Gorgeous night...mid 80s, water in the mid 70s.  Clear evening.  Tropical Storm Emily may have died over Cuba, but she threw her last kiss up the coast and gave us some sweet thigh to waist swell that lasted myself and a very crowded line-up thru dusk  Pure stoke.

37th Street - Tonight's Surf Mecca
   To put a finishing touch on the session: a nitecap, such that it leads one into a deep REM sleep ripping perfect A-Frames til dawn- Maui Brewing Company's Big Swell IPA.  At 6.8% ABV. and 50+ IBUs this brew can't say "hoppy" quite enough.  Citrusy nose with with a nice malt takeoff that leads you into that off the wall drop of hops.  If you're a Hop Head you'll like this one! Good times.