Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Long Weekend Pass, notes from the Rogue

Ok, so I'm a bit late on this post.  Slackin,' I know.  Suffice to say I do not spend all my time alone.  The weekend that we began on 8/11, my girlfriend and I hit the White Marlin Open as well as a little sunset Stand-Up Paddleboarding. I'm posting for the pic's.  Great looong weekend.  She is incredible!

WMO 8/11 - the only Blue Marlin of the tournament

Tournament namesake

Tuner Tuna - Yellowfin

Everyone loves a shark no matter what size

Smile for the camera!

Mahi Mahi

Days end - Into the Glow

The evening could not have been better!  Glassy Little Assawoman Bay.
Awesome sunset paddle - 8/12

  As for this entry's review, we had been saving this weekend for a bottle full of stoke and this one was it-  Evolution Craft Brewing's Spring Migration 2011 Rum Barrel Golden Ale.  An American Strong Ale that checks in at 10%ABV, it had a nice cloudy appearance as do most of Evo's creations.  Began with a scent and taste of vanilla and light rum with hints of a floral coconut.  The hops lent a nice crisp finish with just a slight heated end.  Another bottle please...

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