Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Com'on Irene, notes from the Rogue

  Sometimes you just feel it.  I hear that.  I read it.  Sometimes I believe it.  But, a lot of what we feel is brought on subconsciously by what we see around us.  Summer is coming to an end.  Nights are gettin' cooler.  Days are less humid.  And this day/night hi/low change has been taking the crops to the color of harvest.
Gettin' near harvest time!

We still have the heat which has been keeping the OC's coast flat for a couple of weeks.  We've had a knee high day here and there but otherwise...
8/18 Knee highs
   Now, combine the Atlantic's summer warm water with the cooling air and you cook up Hurricane Season.  Relatively quiet till this week...along comes Irene out of the Carib...already up to a category 3!  The swell has started to build.  Meetin' a couple of the Crew on 66th to try a few tomorrow.  But, the real clean -up begins Sunday afternoon and Monday.  Gonna pump to scat outta work ASAP in the Monday PM for real!


Good tip.




   This post's review falls to New Belgium Brewing's Ranger IPA.  With a whopping 70 IBUs this brew is definitely not short on hops.  A 6.5% ABV will allow at least a 2nd bottle to verify your opinions. A beautiful copper/orange color that pours smooth with a nice 2.0 head and sweet lacing, it has a piney citrusey nose that lends to an equally smooth taste.  In the words of the store manager I bought it from...delicious!  Gives reason to git me another.

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