Monday, August 8, 2011

Emily's Kiss, notes from the Rogue

   So I'm ending the workday debating: gym or surf?  Looking at the surf report AND calling a local surf shop I confirm my gut, this evening will have the sickest waves of the week.  My gym partner is willing to switch to Tuesday.  Done!  Looking at the rest of the week the surf gets smaller and smaller and smaller...  back to flat by the weekend. Hittin' it today? Done!
Not me. 8/8

   Parking search ended right in front of Castles on 37th.  Gorgeous night...mid 80s, water in the mid 70s.  Clear evening.  Tropical Storm Emily may have died over Cuba, but she threw her last kiss up the coast and gave us some sweet thigh to waist swell that lasted myself and a very crowded line-up thru dusk  Pure stoke.

37th Street - Tonight's Surf Mecca
   To put a finishing touch on the session: a nitecap, such that it leads one into a deep REM sleep ripping perfect A-Frames til dawn- Maui Brewing Company's Big Swell IPA.  At 6.8% ABV. and 50+ IBUs this brew can't say "hoppy" quite enough.  Citrusy nose with with a nice malt takeoff that leads you into that off the wall drop of hops.  If you're a Hop Head you'll like this one! Good times.

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