Monday, July 20, 2015

Congregation- Letting Go Pt 1, the Rogue's notes.

Hazy summer days. OC skyline from the Assawoman Bay, 7/19/2014

   Taken on a new job. A new life. Maybe more like a renewed life. In Chicago. Got engaged during the Christmas holiday. My fiance (from Chicago) has chillens to keep on the collegiate straight and narrow over the next few years. My "bookends" seem to be moving well in there lives. So the plan is to take care of life there, then return to life here...or somewhere near the 'Shore. Been several years in the planning. So, as I finish up my time at work and get my affairs in order, I make the most of the surf. Regardless of conditions.
Seemed like every wave was a fight or a beating.
 Holiday's, 7/16/2015

   Thursday. Now I know what "pound fishing" is all the fish. Drilled. Slammed. Rolled. And otherwise pounded. Nor'east winds chopping up the waist to chest swell. I could judge the rip to get into the lineup, but other than a short stand before the next drilling I was pretty much out for the count during this session. At least at 76F the water was warm. Biggest kook move? Having my board knocked from under me as I was coming into shore midway through. I was literally rolled like sushi down the beach; tumbled and dragged through the sand and foamy whitewater pushed by the strong south current. Like a rip that wouldn't let go. Skinned and sore. Though I headed back in, I finished a bit bitter and hurtin'.
Morning invite, 47th Street. 7/19/2015

     Yesterday, the way every Sunday morning should start. Humid and warm; in the lower eighties. The Atlantic shimmering like diamonds. Even with small knee to thigh surf, I couldn't wait to get into the water. Did the 47th Street break. At 8AM a fairly empty beach. Venders still getting their umbrellas and chairs set up. By 9AM, the families were gathering. Setting up like a church congregation making camp for a Sunday morning outing. I had found a set break around the jetty markers, exactly where a whole gaggle of siblings took part in the ritualistic sand sculpture, destruction, fight. With small surf rides tend to get close to the shoreline. They always seemed to be right where my ride would end. For a moment frustration began to set in, but then I let go of my localism, conceded the beach; moved down south a block.  And like Karma, the sets lined up to be driven. Had a backside that turned into one of the best rides of the morning. Stoke begets stoke. Left on the beach patrols call at 10:00.
Sun-day worship service.

   Showered up while I talked to an older gentleman who'd been doin' Ocean City since the 60's. Shared memories, people we had in common. Everyone...everything. Just seems to pop out 'atcha when you're movin' on. Whether driving in or heading out. 

Decent condo shower for salt removal...

...but a pool is a nice alternative. Both at the 47th St. break.

Did a scrapple, egg, and cheese on wheat toast from Anthony's on 17th and knocked it back with an iced Dunkin. Tasty post-surf breakfast to end a sweet morning session.

   The afternoon's beer reviews include two local Maryland beers. Heavy Seas with their newest summer can release, Smooth Sail. An American Wheat Ale that pours a clear, pale gold with a simple white finger head. I liked this one. Light, but noticeable hops at 18 IBU and a refreshing finish with enough malt and wheat backbone to make it very drinkable. 4.5% alcohol to sip again and again. Not a stand out, but solid. Rated a B-.

Rubber Soul is Salisbury's newest brewery. Opened since early July, this place already sells out every day they're open. So brewery expansion is needed. They do the "Crowler" thing so that's a plus. I brought back the Paceline IPA. A session IPA at 4.3% this pours an clear amber with a 2 finger head. Classic bitterness of an India Pale. More like an English Pale, which I'm not as much into. Good lacing and carbonation. 50 IBUs with less grapefuitiness, more of a bitter dry. Rated a B- as well.
"God made beer so men can dance"

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer Flight, the Rogue's notes

July 4th Inlet Fireworks over the Sinepuxent. Stinky Beach.

Beachin' family. Post-dinner at the Crabcake Factory, 
Fenwick , DE 7/4/2015.

   Wow Brah, this summer is flyin'. Like here today gone tomorrow. Fast paced into the first half of July. My home has been filled with family over the last couple of weeks. Daughter, her boyfriend and my granddaughter through the 4th. My brother Matt and his family last week. My fiance has been by my side the whole time. And, in the midst of it all I managed to squeeze in a little surf time.
"It's about getting away...and feeling the force of some thing other than everyday
     life"  -Leo McCrea
Cutting the knees, Holidays at 67th. 7/9/2015

   A couple of chilled mid-western brews were on tap to celebrate the heat of July. Great Lakes Brewing's Rye Of The Tiger, a Rye IPA with a serious citrus punch followed by the spicy jab of rye. At 92 IBUs you can't help but feel the pain of the puns from this beer. However, one too many of these thrown and the strength of a 7.5% ABV will knock you on your ass! Cloudy orange-amber pour with a finger and a half white head. Big Rye IPA fan...rated it an A.
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of
the past
You must fight just to keep them alive. 
-Survivor, Rocky III

Goose Island Beer Company has a Golden Ale aged with coffee beans for a rich coffee aroma, and surprisingly, taste. Fulton Street Blend Coffee Ale poured a sunny gold with an off white finger head. Fair lacing. The 5.5% alcohol volume and 20 IBUs made it a very smooth and easy drinking brew. Found the whole coffee thing odd considering it was not a porter or stout, but it worked. Purty delicious. B+ rating.

Geared Up... Bring on the heat!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Heavy Hitters, notes from the Rogue.

Scraping paint off the wall. 65th, close to Holiday's. 7/1/2015

   More waist to chest. After a lull in the surf conditions earlier in the week, we had ourselves some thick heavy swell outta the southeast. Clean swells, made for a few badass barrels. Met my buddy and my nephew for a couple of sweet rides and notable beatings. Best session of the year so far. Going into the July 4th weekend a bit sore but looking for more. More family. More friends. More waves. We'll see.
Nephew has the Stoke.

    Summer is now completely on tap. Sierra Nevada's 2015 version of their annual Summerfest Lager. Pours a pale gold with a finger and a half white foamy head. A pilsner style beer with tastes of sharp, biscuity malts and a crisp, lightly hopped finish. Very smooth at 5% ABV and 28 IBUs. Rated this a B+.
"Friends bring happiness
into life. Best friends bring beer"

Back at the academy:
Nephew doing it F18 Stoke!
July, 2015