Sunday, April 27, 2014

Come On Five Zero!, the Rogue's Notes

Dippin' the toes.  Waist to stomach high, clean and 49F.  Push the needle up just a hair.
 4/26, 10th St. Break

        Now 50 is not a number I cheer for lightly.  Forced to listen to it due to my public. Commercials... everyday. Reminders put out there by the Internet with the "Old Guys Rule" logo.  Fu#k 'em!  Don't listen.  Don't care.  In my case it is a number I look forward to with ripe anticipation!  Fifty.  As in Five-Z-ROh degrees.  Need a flashing alarm light on the beach to signify, "ready, set, Surf," when that temperature hits. Down to Ocean City this weekend.  The Ocean laughs at me.  Temps at 48-49 deg.   Temptation.  Hate it.  So what do I do?  Git my board ready.  Chauncey's on 28th, my go-to surf shop for repairs of last season's reckless wear 'n tear.  Stupid shit.  Stupid dings. Pick up later in the week.  I'll drink a beer and wait.

  After an off-season of dukin' it out over trademark rights, Shorebilly Brewing has become Backshore Brewing.  They've brought on a new and innovative brewer, some new equipment, and their beers have begun to develop a spine.  All this talk about "sessionable beers" were making them a bit weak in the knees.  But with a year plus under their belt, some good stuff is startin' to percolate on 10th and the boards. One such brew, Wacko Jacko Pale Ale, light smell of pineapple and grapefruit. Pours a deep golden haze with a one finger head. Tastes grassy with slight pine background, but a refreshing 47 IBU bite.  Not watered down at all at 5.4% ABV.  Rated a B-.


  A bartender friend of mine gave me a smooth tip on an outstanding 5.3% ABV Pilsner.  Victory Brewing's Prima Pils pours a pale gold with a two finger fluffy white head.  Excellent lacing.  Aromas of bread and malts.  Has a dry sweet taste with lemon-pepper in the back.  Pine and citrus hops (64 IBUs) up front.  Light bitterness, but extremely refreshing.  Rated an A-.
"I like my beer like I like my
                          -Bar sign