Saturday, December 17, 2016

Before the After, from the Rogue's notes.

The end of it. Wades Point the day of departure. 11/28/2016

A snapshot before the drop. A rum distillery. A brewery's best. And after takeoff...St. Michaels and Chesapeake country. Downtown. Enjoying the ride.

Distillery tour, 11/25/2016.

   Lyons Distilling Company. Carrying on the colonial era rum tradition. An intro tour, help everyone get to know each other. Also able to put down one of the smoothest sippin' rums I've had. Lyons Dark, 90 proof. Notes of molasses and caramel with an intense, dark caramel flavor.
But not too sweet. An A rating.

The evening continued at
Eastern Shore Brewing
Practically around the corner.
 Pizza and Beer. Hard to have
a better combination to
finish the evening.

The signature beer was Eastern Shore Brewing's hometown namesake, St. Michael's Ale. An amber ale that pours a clear amber-brown with a 2-finger fluffy tan head. Aromas of toffee and wheat. Oddly, light chocolate and berry in the taste. Seemingly a session brew at 5.5% ABV, but a clean, not overly bitter finish at 35 IBUs. This would be what I'd call a go to, if there was nothing else. Not a stand-out, but it satisfied. The night, friends and family...rated an A. The brew, a B-/C+.
The Wedding...a hit. Everyone was stoked. The morning after, breakfast at Wades Point; an Eastern Sho' farm and bay to table signature. Congratulations around. Goodbyes. A downtown hitch. We stayed an extra night to take our time. Revel. Dot the I's.

Finished our last night with an app at Gina's Cafe, an uptown favorite of ours. and then lobster ravioli at Limoncello downtown. The beer of choice was served up on draft at Gina's (found a six pack out and about). Dogfish Head's Beer for Breakfast. A smoky stout brewed with breakfast scraps. Maple syrup, scrapple, oats, and coffee among others. Poured a deep black with a honey-brown two finger head. Thick lacing. Aromas of smoke and coffee with notes of espresso like coffee and chocolate with some spice (from the Rapa Scrapple) in the taste. Does not come off strong despite the 7.4% ABV. Light (30 IBU) hop bite in the finish. Rate an A-.
Limoncello & a lit up downtown St. Michaels. 11/27/2016

   Greeted on our last morning. A crab omelet made with local Maryland crab and farm fresh eggs. Bacon. Old style oatmeal. Fresh fruit salad with homemade granola and yogurt. Croissants. And, of course coffee. We didn't want to leave.

Closed the first night with a bonfire party  on the Chesapeake. Left the last day
as it was found. Like the ride out... peaceful and quiet. 

Chesapeake Country, 11/28/2016.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Making The Drop, from the Rogue's notes.

Chopped Chesapeake...15mph winds kept festivities indoors, but did not cap spirits.
Wades Point, McDaniel, MD. 11/26/2016

  Australian big wave surfer Mark Visser said it best..."Commitment is key." Marriage requires as much tenacity as any commitment. Now, I have to admit that this was not my first rodeo, but this ride required no second thought. I made the drop. We did it. My girl is now my Mrs. It's gonna be a helluva ride!

   SeaQuench Ale. Dogfish Head's brewed concoction of lime peel, black lime, and sea salt. A Gose. A Berlinerweisse maybe. Cloudy pale-gold pour. One finger head. Strong aromas of lime and citrus, wheat, and tart fruit. Very funky sour taste, like lemon-lime sour patch candy. Peppery zest, with a bare hint of salt. Dry and lightly bitter. Very refreshing in the finish. A collaboration with the Baltimore Aquarium to help in the conservation impact for a healthy Chesapeake Bay. Rated a B+. The festivities couldn't have come off sweeter. Still trying to nail down this sour thing.
"Fear is the thief of dreams. Take the drop."
-Jay Moriarity