Monday, August 29, 2011

Shameless Dead Guy Post, notes from the Rogue

 I'm goin' to Chicago to see my girlfriend for the Labor Day weekend.  Irene made a mess of my yard with branches, leaves, and a tree strewn across. My neighbor Richard brought over his chainsaw and we did our own massacre to the log carcass, loping off armlengths of wood.  The grass was given a good soaking and now with bright sunshine the shit grows at an ungodly rate.  Gotta put the Beast to work.  I went surfing Sunday.  That leaves 2 days (I leave Wednesday night).  So what's my point?  Yardwork...don't like it...HATE it!  Love the results, but.  Since I'm outta town on the weekend (Neeeeed this time!) and don't wanna come back to a jungle, the home must be put in order.
   So, a shameless, surfless post featuring another taste of Irene (thank you WWW) and a parting review of Rogue Brewing's Dead Guy Ale:

Irene's wrath batters the OC Fishing Pier

Not so Quiet Storm Surf Shop, Boardwalk

Leniency requested

  Now, On To the Dead Guy-  I'm not so sure what a Maibock is, but this is one.  Purty good too!  Rogue Brewing Company's Dead Guy Ale.  With 6.5% ABV and 40 IBUs, this brew pours a knockout honey-amber color with 1.5F head.  The smell and taste of nutty malts with an air of hoppiness as well.  Nice carbonation with a clean finish.  Has a sweetness that allows it to drink smooth with a slight complimentary bitterness...does that make this "bittersweet?" (I swear I'm becoming a hop-head).  I've had this on tap at a local tap-house (of course).  Good stuff.

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