Friday, September 9, 2011

Katia's Kick, notes from the Rogue

Katia off coast 'bout 12:50pm 9/9.

Kickin' it up, 47th St.

   Haven't been out since the Sunday after Irene.  And next in line racing up the coast is Hurricane Katia, a Cat 1 storm that kept it's distance from the States, but kicked up the surf nevertheless.  Remnants of Tropical Storm Lee coming up from the southwest combined with Katia to keep us humid, overcast, and in rain most of the week, so the partial clearing this evening was a nice treat.  47th street.  Semi-clean lines with chest to shoulder and occasional head high swell on tap for tonight's session.  The majority were lefties (though as seen below the occasional right hander could be grabbed).  Water's still in the low seventies...very comfortable.  Especially after the workout required to enter the lineup.  Hard for me to describe the rush of instant speed on the take-off.  Pure.  F^#kin' pure rush!

   Next round...Fisherman's Pumpkin Stout, courtesy of Cape Ann Brewing Co.  An almost black pour with little lace, but a nice cream 1 finger head.  Gotta say I am partial to the pumpkin and related spice that are noticeable in both smell and taste.  Light for a stout...def not the heaviness of a meal beer.  Makes 'em easy to drink more than 1... or 2... or 3.  Nice opener for the 2nd season.

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