Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Equinox...'Tis the Season, Maria/Ophelia's Swell -notes from the Rogue

Maria's touch, 9/17


   Watching the Eagles-Giants game this weekend, I witnessed QB Michael Vick's injury to his non-throwing hand.  And it hit me.  Here is a guy with all this talent and athletic ability, and for the 2nd time this year he is knocked out of the lineup.  No matter who you are, no matter what sport you pursue, age'll find ya.  I fight it's touch everyday, frustrated by it's ability to obstruct me with new aches and pains with each exercise I employ to overcome it's advance.  I see these T-shirts and hats in the surf shops that say "Old Guys Rule."  I refuse to let the "Old Guy" rule me! Ok...Ok...enough ranting.


   A slow moving tropical storm off Puerto Rico, Ophelia's contribution to this hurricane seasons' swell was dwindling by Thursday.  I got some thigh high rides outta her, with a waist line to carve here and there.  Hurricanes, tropical storms, ...Shore surfers long for these conditions.  The Equinox, it signals the firm landing into the 2nd season, but the warm (low 70s) water and humid evenings still give hint to an unconscious refusal to let loose of summer.  Football season (go Skins!) and overcast days have me feeling the creep of autumn.  Ocean City's Sunfest celebrating this season on the shore just occurred this weekend and the ride to the beach gives hint to the change (slow as it may be), thru a tinge of color along Route 50. Opposing forces battling.  God knows.  Nature has already chosen.  Just a matter of time.  Make the most of it!

Skimming Ophelia's leftovers, 9/22
  This is also the season for fall ales.  The Eastern Shore has a few, and Evolution's Jacques Au Lantern is an exceptional one.  Made with roasted local pumpkins and nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove spices, the ale hits the mark as a premier Pumpkin Ale.  Available only on tap or by growler this cloudy, deep amber orange brew drinks with  slight hop muscle.  About a finger's worth of head, with little lacing.  The carbonation is more than enough to refresh, but less than the ordinary so finish that growler in 2 (days), or flatness sets in. Definitely drink a few at 6+% ABV.  One of the nicer beers of Fall.


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