Sunday, October 2, 2011

Equipment Makes The Difference, Lesson Learned -notes from the Rogue

Sweeet!  10/2
   The swell was pumpin'.  Chest to head.  Clean.  Warm water.  That's what led me to my mistake.  Warm water.  68 to 70 degrees.  In mid 50's air temps that's like bath water...more or less.  I wore a shortie.   Yeah, more than a rubber top, but I'm thinking, "trunkin' it on Thursday, can't be that far off today."  Nope.  Wrong.  I was freezing.  Wind chills under 50 left me with the shivers in the last 1/2 of the session and long after I got out.  Unless I practically laid on my board half submerged, the wind killed.  Shoulda, woulda , coulda worn the full suit.  A buddy of mine that I played football with in college, Tony DeLuca, once told me: "If ya feel good, ya play good."  Wish I felt better.  Lesson learned.

  This evenings warmer (and I needed it!)...Dogfish Head's Burton Baton.  I couldn't help but think of Jack Burton when I read the label and drank this brew.   "Feel pretty good.  I just feel kind of... I feel kinda invincible."  An English Old-Ale and Imperial IPA blended in an oak tank.  Hazy, dark amber pour with a creamy 1 and1/2 finger head.  Smells like an IPA but with a taste that has a sweet finish.  As an Imperial ya got the superior upper body strength over the typical IPA at 10% APV that is smoooooth, but with a nice bitterness (70 IBUs) that'll wake your ass up!  This one does not disappoint.                                                           

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