Friday, October 21, 2011

Harvest Time: The End Is Near, notes from the Rogue

thE eNd Is neAr...

   The mid-week sessions are coming to a close.  Can't hide from the signs.  Same time every year...Harvest Time.  The combines are out reaping, raping, reaping??? Whatever...doin' the fields of corn.  The leaves are beginning to burn their colors, pinched by the first morning frosts.  The days, still comfortable in the upper 60s are cooling, and the nights, chill Baby... have felt the 40s.  By the end of this month it will be too dark for me to grab a few waves after work.  Though we still have "savings time" in effect, the setting sun drops at 6:20pm seemingly in a race to catch the hour - more rabbit than tortoise.  I'll be confined to the weekends soon.  Gotta give it to the Lady, the Atlantic's waters remain in the mid-60s (short lived as well, I'm sure).
   Full suit is in use (cool air son!), no boots or gloves yet. That's good.  Close surf buddy of mine once told me, "if ya gotta wear rubber, at least feel the board under your feet for as long as you can."  I understand why now; you hold on to that "touch," the stick is still a part, and not apart, separated by a rubber sole.
   Evening's rides were phat.  Each paddle back into the lineup washed by salt.  So nice.  47th street break saw clean waist to stomach high, though diminishing with the low tide.  Made that last ride a hair of a challenge.  Incredible sunset, awesome sky. a "Wow" night for real! Yeah...stoke.
10/21, Post workday waves;  Friday's best... given gratis 
   Finished up tonight's session with some of the best crab soup around in this old beach town.  BellyBusters on 44th  was just a quick alley jump over for some body warming crab and veggies in a spicy broth. Got it ta go.  Joined it at home with a Sam Adams Bonfire Rauchbier.  Sweeeet...

The Bonfire Rauchbier is Sam Adams version of the popular Oktoberfest beer in Germany.  The grains dried over a fire give it a smokey flavor.  A dark amber brown pour with a 2 finger head and minimal carbonation make for a good pairing for the soup.  19 IBU and 5.7% ABV gives the opportunity for more than one.  I liked this brew (the hop spice), though I'm not big on smokey beers.  But again, paired with the right grub, it ruled the table..

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