Friday, October 28, 2011

Caught Inside The Dark, notes from the Rogue

   Autumn has captured this piece of the Right Coast for real, and surrounded Maryland's Eastern Sho' with it's very capable grace.  The leaves are poppin' exposing extraordinary colors in the back yard, down the back roads, along the highways. Really puts you in the groove of the season.   And last evening, 70F with a light SE wind blowing across the beach, 63 degree water keepin' the boots and gloves off, and building waist high plus swell beckoning...
Conditioned to ride, 10/27


   I got my groove and carved me a handful of front walls.  Fast fading sunset had me surfing clear to dark.  That last ride, pure luck in positioning.  I felt like I was too far out, kept creeping in to shore, creeping in... until outta the dim I have one crashing on my head, caught inside the dark. After having a few do this, I managed to find that secret spot and boom...rode her in. Nice night, very.
Surf strip


Yeah, so after being caught inside the dark the night howls for the latest serving ("howls" - I know, corny Halloween pun). Dogfish Head's Punkin Ale. Pours a deep amber-orange.  Lite 1 finger head with plenty of lacing, this one had a definitive aroma of clove and nutmeg with a well noticeable pumpkin-caramel taste and that famous Dogfish hopping for a clean afterbite.  ABV at 7%, IBU at 28. One of my favorites for the season.  Too bad they only come in four packs.  I could use those missing two.

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