Saturday, October 8, 2011

It Must Be The Suit, notes from the Roque

Knit right, pearl left.  10/7
   I'm hangin' out with my good buddy Tom the other night after yet another surf  who's cool winds serve as a reminder that Summer has left the building, and as we're waiting on our drafts we overhear the bartendress say "it's winter on the beach now"...WINTER!  DAMN IT GIRL!  I quickly corrected her, and she said, "well off-season, but after last week it might as well be."  Yeah, a little nippy last week but we've been back int the upper 70's this week! FALL NOT WINTER!
Mushmouth, 10/6

   Surfed the last couple of days in somewhat mushy waist highs, but still plenty of rideable action out there.  With northeast winds blowin' lefts onshore I pretty much had to work my backside (though my last ride Friday evening was a sweet right!).  Combine that with working it in a full suit and my kook levels shot up!  Just not feelin' the comfort.  And covered in rubber I really seem to lose a lot of must be the suit.  Actually, I believe what's needed is more water time.  Not just get wet...stay wet!
   The party in town was the Endless Summer Cuisin' weekend.  Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Pimped Trucks, and Roadsters were all layin' rubber and generally showing off from Thursday thru Sunday.  Combine that with car stereos blaring and the lineup at any stoplight rivals that of a head high day easy.
                                                              Cruisin' the Coast 10/6 - 8

   Speaking of hoopla, the latest tongue lashing comes from Boulder, Colorado.  Boulder Beer's Hoopla Pale Ale is touted as a festival beer where local music and local beer combined to make for a very drinkable improvisation.  A fruit/floral aroma , a spicey malt beginning followed by a zesty hop profile that hangs, with a clean not too bitter finish.  Not the best, but one of the better pale ales I've had. Sounds like it would've been groovy to be there makin' it though!


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