Monday, October 31, 2011

No Moon To Howl At, All Hallow's Eve '11, notes from the Rogue

Surf n Turf...
   Every surfer's nightmare, and an impressively eerie pic that might leave one to have second thoughts before entering the water at feedin' time. Seemed appropriate for the night.  No surf (first frost this morning - chill back tonight). No "trick or treaters" much, and many no moon to howl at.  A relatively quiet Halloween.
First frost...maybe, possibly...I know it's f#%king cold!

   Fine...I'll collect my own candy...Beer!  Appropriate brew, Magic Hat's cold season offering, "Howl."   A Black Lager with 4.6% abv. and nicely hopped at 32 ibu's.  Pours like it's name, black, with a brownish thin head.  Nice silky-creamy feel with a slightly sweet taste that includes a grainy taste, like oats, and the richness of dark roast coffee. The hops give a crisp finish.                                                                                         
Keep away spidey! My beer!
I'm liking black lagers ( I think they're called schwarzbiers whatever the hell that is...HEY!..I'm learning).  Definitely get this again. Owwwoooo!
H Night at the 'Bury

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