Friday, November 4, 2011

Racing The Sun, notes from the Rogue

   Sun sets 6pm, work ends 5pm.  30 miles to the coast.    Hmmmmm.   Should I run this last blueprint before I leave?  Only take a min. or two.  Hit print on the 'puter...the sharp sound of scraping metal gears and parts... LOCKED -UP...printer malfunction...F#%K! 5:15 as I'm startin' the TBlazer (no print by the way...f'ing copier still sits idle as I write this entry).  Now I find myself racing down that 30 mile stretch east, looking in my rear-view as the sun slips into the horizon at a relentless, almost mocking pace. Racing the Sun.
                                             Get 'em while they're hot, they won't last long!  11/3



   5:50pm as I turn onto 66th street.  Not bad.  Run up to check the surf.  Not good. Sideshore current moving south.  Tide's goin' out, but the SW winds have picked up. Strong rips.  And it's twilight by the time I change into the full suit...and boots and gloves.  Oh yeah, the water is now 55-56F. A few below freezing nights'll do that. 
Last night of Holiday's at 66th

First of November.  Last of of the weekdays.
     So I charge in, catch a rip, and am out past the break instantly. And seem to keep moving out.  I paddle parallel and in. Position for a frontside.  Why do I do that.  This swell is clearly moving left.  I'm up! and the wave section's in front of me complete with backlash from the shore and into the washer I go.  From this point on the light quickly dims, can't get position, and I take one after another on the head.  Short night. First surf of November, last week night of the year.  Watch the 'tude dude.  Always good to get wet.  Always.  No worries.  I got weekends.
   Post surf brew - Heavy Seas (appropriate) Hop Haarvest Ale, an American Porter brewed with Maryland Wet Hops...not sure exactly what goes on here, but wet hopping supposedly adds a lightly spicy, bolder flavor...if that's so, it works.  This one is wet hop-brewed by Clipper City Brewing out of Baltimore.   Porters got their start in London brewed with dark malts.  Just like Americans to "hop" it up.  Roasted barley present in the aroma, but the hops give it a citrusy, earthy tone that adds to the robustness of a Porter. A nice 2 finger, velvety tan head that leaves thick residual lacing behind.  Pours a very deep dark brown. As I said, the taste is bold, but not overly bitter. Light chocolate aftertaste.  At 5% abv, a nice mid-autumn offering..,perfect for when the cold sets in.

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