Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Need to Get Wet, notes from the Rogue

Ya can always find somthin' to ride./  Pic courtesy Malibu's Surf
  A few years ago I used to travel a lot.  In the states.  Sales job.  I miss it sometimes. Anyway, I remember that the one thing I would look forward to when I got home...during my surf season of course ( anytime the water temp is above 49F)...would be hittin' the surf.  I'm jonesin' big time.  Definitely got a need to get wet. A bit small today; ankle to knee at 56Fwater, 57 air...windy too..20kts.  Building tomorrow.  This eve, while enjoyin' a slower, lower eastern sho' sunset, I drink.
Snow Hill Road, 11/12


   A British-Style offering from Boulder Beer.  (British-Style: a lower watered down IPA? not so here)  Cold Hop pours a light translucent honey hue with a herbal fruit scent.  Finger and a half of head with sectioned lacing.  Surprisingly creamy, though I would suppose that is typical for the Brits with a carbonation that brings out the hops. Abv of 6.3%, and 46 IBUs.  Refreshing.  Not my norm for this time of year, but begs a 6 pack purchase.  A- rating.

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