Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday's Funday Charlie Brown, notes from the Rogue

Grinding Pavement, 11/6

   Peanuts are great aren't they?  Just sayin'.  Always put me in a good mood.
   Did another 5+ miler this afternoon.  Workin' through the Standard Time and Redskin losing streak blues. What better way than the wind in your face on an intensely sunny day; full of stoke.  The countryside around here is just exploding with color this time of year.

Road 's namesake: Nassawango Church

The stretch

Trail's end...Home
  The label reads "after rakin'."  Works after bikin' too.  Breckenridge Brewery's Autumn Ale pours a dark amber-brown with a thin head.  Nice nuttiness with just the slightest hint of chocolate. Actually a Brown Ale vs. the usual Octoberfest offering. ABV at 6.7%...nice kick. At 21 ibu's the hops and malt are well balanced.  Not a bad offering for this time of year.  A head turner?  No.  But refreshing after the ride today.  New...a rating!  B+                

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