Sunday, November 20, 2011

'Tis The Season, notes from the Rogue

  The Redskins played the Cowboy's today.  Some would say, "Hey they're improving.  They didn't get blown out."  So we've been reduced to one of "those teams."  They lost, I don't care if it was in overtime. Now 3 and 7...THREE AND SEVEN.  Had opportunities and couldn't cash in.  It's been their storyline for a while. F#@K! They break my heart!  Close or no, a loss is a loss.  Not unexpected though.  Did I watch..Hell No!  I went surfin'.
11/20, Clean knee high dribs and drabs.

   Last third of November and the water is still fairly warm at 55F.  Yeah, wearin' full rubber garb including boots and gloves, but a light offshore wind and temps in the upper 60's made for a gratifying afternoon.  Not much swell at knee high, however very clean.  Very relaxing.  Pulled out the Town & Country..just right for the occasion.  As I've said...a need to get wet.


   On the drive out the lights were up everywhere.  Truely. 'Tis the season for excess.  I like it!  Thanksgiving is upon us...overeating.  Black Friday around the corner...overshopping. The season for over the top.  It should be...even if it's only a little.  Like today's waves...little rides, big stoke.
  Did a Winterfest drive by.  The Ocean City Public Works Dept. does a decent job considering the town government's best efforts to disrupt thru cuts. Light it up, and they will come.

Big Brother's got an eye on you!


   On the way out, I grabbed a Starbucks...the Eggnog Latte. HEY! Don't knock the Nog!  Good $hit! Plus, with the extra expresso shot it boosts the Spirit and kills the chill.

  Speaking of spirits, I got a couple of 'em tonight.  Shipyard's Pumpkinhead Ale.  One of the more disappointing brews I've had.  Light overly effervescent pour. No head (that alone is bad).  Very little pumpkin or spice smell or taste.  Almost a cider-like sweet aftertaste.  Almost thought it was.  No good.  D+ rating and the + is only for the label.

 Next up, a much needed replacement.  Flying Dog's K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale.  Dark brown pour with a finger head that left light lacing as it dissipated. Nice balance of malt and hops (30 IBUs).  Definitely a warmer at 7.4% Abv. Nutty sweet taste with light tone of chocolate.  Hops lend a pleasant dry finish.  A local brewer, Frederick, Maryland's Flying Dog has no bad pooches (I wanna try their Imperial Pumpkin - gotta find it first).  I rate this one a solid B.  Not the best, but good enough to get
"They who drink beer will think beer."
                                    -Washington Irving

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