Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sup-plant For The Flatties, notes from the Rogue

    Whattaya do when surf is "ankle high or less," and ya don't wanna make a 30 mile trek for "ankle high or less?"
   Explore the road...let your fingertips glide through the overhanging brush and branches as if they were skimming through the wall of a wave as its lip wraps over dropping you into a deep reddish-green tube. Peddled (instead of paddled) around the local back roads biking a good 5+ miles this evening.  I live in a pretty nice area...need to appreciate what's around me.  Wheat waiting to be harvested, bare corn fields, horses grazing on some nice nearby ranches.  Farms with dilapidated barns or chicken houses.  Even farm houses long abandoned add to the rural landscape.  Then to fly around a corner and have the sinking sun streaking the sky in front of you...feelin' the inland stoke.  Cool night: not too hot, not too cold...just right to get a good pump.

   Today, a pre-ride brew...actually with lunch.  Breckenridge Brewery's Vanilla Porter. This one poured deep brown, almost black with a creamy head.  Lacing was thick and you could smell the mix of coffee, chocolate maybe, and vanilla definitely.  An ABV of 4.7%.  Very smooth malty taste.  I'm not much of a vanilla guy, but I think the vanilla does a nice job of offsetting any bitterness.  At 16 IBU, not much bitterness to offset, but just enough bite to give a crisp finish. What's nice about this one is I've been to Breckenridge And the brewery And have had the Vanilla Porter on tap with my girl...good times.  Think I'll have another tonight.

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