Monday, August 26, 2013

Shoulda' Been Here This Morning, notes from the Rogue

Am there this afternoon.  47th Street.  8/26

  Surf report said waist to stomach. Reality was knee to somewhat occasional sorta waist.  Low tide made for quick, fast rides.  Cruised none, carved a few, slammed on a couple, real kookdom on the last of the night.  A tad on the aggro side.  My impatience (and the the fading light).  When I first arrived I was talking to a dude who was telling me how rough it was yesterday, but how clean..."almost head," this morning.  "Shoulda' been here this morning dude.  Absolutely sick."  I'm grateful for the cliche'.  The session that got away.  Very grateful for each and every ride this evening.  The evening itself?  Warm, late-summer offshores, water still around 70F, incredible sunset glistening a faded purple, red, and fiery orange off the short lived walls of every wave...absolutely sick.
El Galeon Andalucia docked between 3rd and 4th streets and 
bayside.  Truly a sight to see.  Sponsored by Heavy Seas
Brewery, the damn ship is  humongoleous.  Gives a whole
new meaning to the term "tall ship" for F#^kg real!

  The evenings' brew presented by Wolaver's.  Organic Pumpkin Ale.  Yes, the summer is nearing the end, and these beers are popping up everywhere.  5.35% ABV. Low enough for more than one!  Poured an orange-copper with about a finger plus orange-tan head.  The expected hints of nutmeg, coriander, and pumpkin spices. I could really taste the pumpkin, which for me, is a plus.  It IS a pumpkin ale. Light hop in the finish (15 IBU).  Nice intro into the next season.  I rated it a B+.
"Beer makes you feel the way you
ought to feel without beer."
-Henry Lawson

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