Sunday, November 10, 2013

Full Of It, notes from the Rogue

Frosted AM color.

   Alarm goin' off at 7am.  Bathroom floor chilled.  Frost on the ground.  Really had to drag my ass outta the house to get to the beach.  Once I'm on the road, I'm good. Coffee helps.  Morning temps in the upper thirties. Water dipping below 60 (full suit and boots now, Son!).  Standing on the beach I scrutinize the low surf.  Knee high I guess. Light northwest winds made for very clean backside conditions regardless of the small size. Add high tide and you lose the wave's energy.  You also get short rides. The lineup was pretty sparse as well.  Only a few of us out there, and in the was just me.  Solitude.  Calm sea, the sun sparkling like thousands of diamonds as I paddled out.  Gulls riding the air currents, dolphins dancing north. Chilly morning, but peacful out there on the water.  Stoke comes in number of configurations.  This morning was full of it.
Cold solitude, 11/9.

Arial show.

    Took stock of the day's session with a Flying Dog Doggie Style Classic Pale.  At 5.5%ABV, Flying Dog Brewery does an excellent job with what has become one of my favorite Pale Ales.  Pours a deep hazy amber with a one and a half finger head.  Good lacing, hint of malt and fruit in the aroma.  The hops (35 IBUs) provide a good balance and clean finish to the light malt sweetness in the taste. As I said, a session favorite...rated it an A.
"The answers to life's problems aren't at the
 bottom of a beer bottle, they're on TV"
-The Simpsons

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