Sunday, January 15, 2012

Escaping the Winter Blah Blahs, notes from the Rogue

   I'm pullin' the 'ol switcheroo.  First up, the beer review.  Evolution Craft Brewing's Secret Spot Winter Ale. A German brown ale, also known as an Altbier.  Showcasing a 6.3% Abv, and 40 Ibu's, it pours a rich copper/orange hue with about a one and a half finger head.  As with most of Evo's brews, the hops come out, but this one tends to be more malt driven. Slight toffee smell that also comes out in the taste as well. Now, I had this in their tasting room last year with much success...a great hop kick to the finish so I was looking forward to this.  The new batch however, not so much. Coincidentally, the keg was changed prior to my getting this growler.  I also had a head cold coming on.  Whatever the reason, this sampling seemed a bit bland.  I will give it another try before the next snow (so I got plenty of time around here), but for now a C rating.

   Below, as you can see I am in the midst of working my plan to escape the winter blah blahs.  More like trying to forget them.  Whaddya do when it's 30 degrees with windchill of 20 (remember wind kills!) and a water temp in the low 40's (no hoods for this Brah)?  Surf mags and videos to accompany the NFL playoffs...  and a little Fat Tire Ale to aide the mindset.  5.2% Abv/18.5 Ibu's, amber pour, little maltier than my usual, but good $hit to be sure...gotta have an A player to at least dream of my A game.
"Sometimes too much drink is barely enough."  -Mark Twain

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