Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Va. Beach Surf Check, notes from the Rogue

Virginia Beach roller, 9/2


   After ripping and avoiding a ripping in some serious beachbreak mid-week, my girl and I took a weekender down to Virginia's coast, and as a side to our journey we were able to do a little surf check before the an approaching storm moved in. Virginia Beach is known for breaks that have a bit better shape than what I'm used to in MD.  However, they have their flat spells/crap swells just like the rest of us (little localism there).  On Sunday evening however, the surf was about thigh high and very clean.  Even had the opportunity to watch a seven year old local grom grab a sweet ride into shore. -Side note: the swell beginnings were due to a front off the coast; a forerunner to Hurricane Leslie making his way up from the Carib.  Hoping for some of that sweetness of my own through the end of the week.

Charging the beach, OCMD 8/30

   Our main destination and one of our favorite Right Coast towns, Williamsburg is known for it's restored 18th century colonial capital and a local brewery by the name of Williamsburg AleWerks.  This brew review features AleWerks Chesapeake Pale Ale. At an estimated 35 IBUs and a 5.3% ABV, Chesapeake had a biscuity malt nose with a slightly citrus-fruit taste.  Not real aggressive on the hops with this one.  Poured a hazy amber-orange with a thin white head.  Good lacing, decent carbonation, and a smoothness to the hop finish of my pint made this beer an above average, but not outstanding Pale.  I rated it a B-.

"Ale, proper drink for Americans."
               -George Washington, 1788

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