Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fury And A Woman Scorned-Sandy's Wrath, notes from the Rogue

Taming the Beast.  Virginia Beach's Raven Lundy carves up Sandy in the OC,   October 29, 2012
   It was labeled a "Superstorm" similar to the "Perfect Storm," the Halloween Nor'easter that ravaged New England in '91.   A tropical Missus that couldn't decide if she wanted to be a Hurricane or not, collided with a northeast storm and cold front outta the west to morph into a true living Wraith.  Felt by all but untouchable.  (Some analysts refered to it as a "Frankenstorm."  Really?).  Very angry. Very violent.  And we were very fortunate that she brushed by us, however the upper east side (New York and New Jersey shores) got slammed.  My only casualty- my computer blew a power supply.  This post on borrowed equipment.
  Some initial pics including the above Nick Denny photo of a sic triple overhead making all the surf covers.  Seriously insane rides.  These guys have been chasing hurricane swell for years.  Needless to say, ya leave this surf to the pros.  More to come...
On the prowl.  Photo Courtesy N. Denny

OC Pier damage

SUPERFLY! photo courtesy N. Denny

Tow-in maybe.  No Photo-Shopping here.  Photo courtesy N. Denny

OCMD Bayside

Seacret flood

Sandy's Rage.  OC Inlet, 10/29.  Photo courtesy N. Denny

   The beer of the hour, Hop City's Barking Squirrel Lager.  A clear amber ale with nice lacing and a one finger off-white head.  5%ABV and 24 IBUs puts this one on the maltier side.  You know, I figured big storm, Barking Squirrel sending out the alarm, but during these situations, a hoppier beer would definitely do a better job of keeping one on his (or her) toes.  In addition to the malts, this one had a grainier aftertaste. A little watery going down.  Very average.  Graded it a C.
"If you guys are going to be throwing
 beer bottles at us, at least make sure 
they're full."
                          -Dave Mustaine, Megadeth

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