Monday, February 11, 2013

Spring Harbinger, notes from the Rogue

Backside.  Frontside.  U Pick.  Assateague, 2/10


Lone log.


   Seasonably cold.  That's what they call it.  Add the wind and you add the bite.  I've said it before.  The wind is what gets ya. Salisbury in the mid 30's, with a wind chill of 28F.  Checking out the break at Assateague this weekend I was expecting a frigid greeting, instead my senses were bombarded with reminders of an impending Spring. The bayberry brush  full of buds, local wild horses out 'n about, light 40 degree off shores pusing up thigh high plus surf, and a few sticks in the water.  Don't get me wrong, thirty-seven degree aqua (no thank you), still a nip in the air, but the Park echoed a veritable harbinger of Spring.

Dune-line erosion, signs 'o Sandy

Bayside peace.

   The winds of change have blown in two of Evo Brewing's renditions to wish in warmer weather. The Spring seasonal, Sprung and a Big brother Lot No. 6 Double IPA:
Sprung, a Blonde Ale listed at 4.9% ABV, pours a hazy golden amber with a light head. Decent lacing with scents of cherry, herbal honey, and orange.  Not a big beer, but somewhat refreshing, with a light hop bite (14 IBU) in the finish.  Nothing that jumps out.  But, a good beer.  I rated this a B-.

The BIG'un is Lot No. 6, an Imperial IPA big on ABVs at 9.3%, and Hops at 75 IBUs. Pours a bright copper haze with a phat 2 finger off white head.  Scents are full of grapefurit, orange citrus, and peppery herbal pine. Tons of toffee malt tones keeps any booziness in check.  With all of this goin' on, the taste came off almost tropical.  One of the best yet from Evo.  Great job! Wanna drink a lot of this.  Cannot drink a lot of this. Dangerous. I rated it an A-.
"Beer! If you can't taste it, why bother!"

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