Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sunday Workout, from the Rogue's notebook.

The Jimmy S.

   Sunday in the Pines. Weather: full sun in the upper eighties. Water on the St. Martin, mid 70's. Waves are still pullin' the typical summer short-runs. About knee high. Water just touching 70F. Wife and I decided to go for about a five mile or so bike ride and then hit the Swim & Racquet Club beach to finish off the afternoon. Stand-Up Paddleboarding. Tried out the new 12 ft Jimmy Styks SUP. Birthday present to the wife. Good size board. As I rented, I had a good comparison. The rental was shorter and wider. The JS much more narrow than I anticipated. Obviously a little more work on the core. She did well. Nice Sunday workout.
  Afternoon refresher, Dogfish Head's Beer to Drink Music To '17. A tropical Blonde brewed with lime, kiwi, and hibiscus. Not your typical summer beer. 6.8% ABV means more of a sipper than a guzzler. Poured a light amber with a finger plus off-white head. Thin lacing that hung. Floral notes combined with citrus in the aroma. Tasted of lime and mango. Maybe a little kiwi. Malt background, but not real sweet and enough hop bitterness (30 IBUs) to make this very refreshing. Rated an A/A-.
"Mind you, I've always been
musical...Mother used to sit
me on her knee and I'd
whisper, 'Mummy, Mummy,
sing me a lullabye do,' and
she'd say: 'Certainly my angel,
my wee bundle of happiness,
hold my beer while I fetch me
-Les Dawson

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