Monday, August 7, 2017

Gone Skeg, from the Rogue's notebook

"I need a drink and a quick decision..."  -She's Gone, Hall & Oates.
Not feelin' the love, Castles on 38th. 7/27/2017

   Summer is startin' to wind down. Can just feel it. No notable sessions. Seems like as of late I've dealt with more shorebreak than point breaks. Been paying the price too. Week before last, caught a couple then spent the rest of the time bitch-sliding down the face of a few waisties much to my chagrin. Blamed it on the backside. More like something missing (besides time in the aqua). 
Feelin' better on the backup...
thigh-hi skimmin', Roadways@30th. 8/4/2017
Following a frustrating sesh I faced a stone covered path to the shower. Like stepping over shards of dull glass. Puffed a sigh of relief when I made it to the shower only to lose my breath as I realized my center skeg was adios. Not just broke off...fuc#ing gone. Fin box and all; ripped right out. Not that I wanted to re-live the whole affair, but I did not recall a single wrecked ride (and there were a few) that would have slammed my stick like that. Blame it on the shorebreak.
Paddle Board esplanade, The Pines Swim Club. 8/6/2017

  Jump ahead to the now. Wife and son- Jake, and I went SUP'in yesterday morning in the Pines, then surfed Assateague in the afternoon. Nice day on the bay, but the wind picked up in the PM. Atlantic was pretty much blown out. Couldn't make up it's mind if it was goin' left or right. Squeezed out a few thigh to waists here and there. Backsides included. Not much power. Became worse as the tide went out. Jake caught a few. Both stoked. Prepared to exit the Salted. Started to wrap the leash around the tail and Damn! if I didn't snap another one. Center fin gone. Thruster became a twin fin once again. My wife just shook her head. Never an issue over the years and in two weeks, two skegs gone. Blame it on me. I guess.
Always a fan favorite, never a fan. The AP's, Assateague Island. 8/7/2017

Gone again..."better learn how
to face it." -H&O

Blame it on the workday
Blame it on the heatwave
Blame it on the tick-tock moving too slow
Blame it on any ol' thing you want
Ready, get set, here we go
-Day Drinkin', Little Big Town.
   Make all the wreckage feel a bit better? A good beer. Or two. Michigan's Short's Brewing Company throws out an outstanding IPA that pays homage to the hop (hence the play on the genus-species). Huma Lupa Licious pours a clear amber with a finger plus khaki head. Thick, sticky lacing. Aromas of toffee and sweet malts with mango and orange. Thrown back, the sweet, whiskey-malt front end. Nicely balanced as the 96 IBUs of resinous citrusy bite of the hops hit 'cha in the finish. A very smooth 7.7% alcohol content will leave you at least thinking you're wanting. Rated an A. What skeg?
   Fought the sour puss with Victory's Sour Monkey... Sour Brett(anomyces) Tripel. Another 9.5% ABV, boozy favorite.  Hazy gold pour. Half finger head. Thin lacing. Sour green apples blended with lemon in the nose. Some yeast. Tastes of tart apples and lemon mixed with sweet rum. Not a dry finish in the house with this one. 10 IBUs as typical with most sours. Rated an A-.
"Don't need a reason or a
happy hour."

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