Monday, September 11, 2017

The Veer, notes from the Rogue.

"I run six plays, split veer. It's like novocaine." -Coach Boone, Remember the Titans.
Clean lines; frontside veer. 30th and Rodeways, 9/7/2017.

   Irma. Cat 5. Cruising west towards the Gulf. Cut right driving into Florida. Barrelling head on, veered left up the Gulf Coast. Driving up the gut of Tallahassee. Through Georgia into Alabama before cuttin' right into Nashville, Tennessee. A hurricane that comes up and to the left of us will usually give some nice frontside rollers and this past Thursday evening was waist plus and pumpin'. Just under 75F water. Air in upper 70's with some humidity. Sky of reddish- purple, and blue. Nice night out, but now the sun is setting fast. Not much light left by the time I get home, change, and head on out. Find myself pushin' instead of enjoyin'. One and not much more before I'm done. Frustrating, considering how nice it was tonight.

   Actually, just got back from the Midwest last weekend. Chicago and Family for Labor Day. Managed a few decent brews as well including Anchor Brewing's Go West! IPA. Poured  bright amber-gold with about a foamy, finger thick head. Clean grapefruit and pine aroma. Very smooth going down. Lightly sweet with resin and citrus up front and 75 IBUs of herbal hop bitterness in the back.  Nice fresh bite in the finish. At 6.7% ABV, I really enjoyed this San Fran IPA. If it weren't for the mixed six, I'd have had another. Came in at a B+/A- rating.
The difference between beer
and your opinion is that I asked
for a beer.        -Bar Sign
Post 'cane peace, 9/7/2017.

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