Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ate It More Than Rode It, notes from the Rogue

Late floater, 5/3


   Sometimes I just cannot find that line.  I cannot find good form.  No matter what stick I use.  No matter the conditions...low tide last week, thigh to waist walls, still a bit cool in the upper 50's.  Even the break was consistent...Holiday's on 66th. If my inner Kook ever reared it's ugly head in full, it has been over the last couple of weeks.  Even a rockin' weekend with my girl left me more in recovery than ready to roll.  I know what I need. More paddling, more stroking into that wave.  More water time.  Only way to get back... Oh, and strip off some of this rubber, man. Seriously!
Fast closing (above).  Food's on the table, ready to eat (below).  5/10

   This piece offers a tribute to the last couple of sessions.  A "session" beer so to speak.  Port Brewing, a brother and sister owned San Diego brewery who do a fantastic job promoting the California surf culture, offers up Wipeout IPA.  "You turn, stroke like mad for the wave.  Standing up you are alone and blammo you Wipeout...blowing the only chance of a right hander all to yourself.  You know who you are.  We've all been there too.  It's inside each and every one of us."  Wow...ya see why this one fits?  That's in their beer description.  Pouring a deep gold with a big white head, excellent lacing as it recedes, this one is loaded with the wet hops.  The smell of grapefruit and orange with light malty tones.  The taste has the "POW!" of the bitterness associated with this much hopping, but finishes off crisp and clean.  Like the sharp slap of the white water from the next set as you come up for air.  7% ABV, and a powerful 78 IBUs, I give this one a strong A (yes I favor IPA's...still an A, Babe).

"We invite you to drop in, hang on, 
and kick out the backside.  That is, 
unless you enjoy wiping out and all 
the glory that goes with it."
                           -Port Brewing

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