Friday, April 27, 2012

Nice Ride...Finally, notes from the Rogue

Primetime, 4/25
   Watching the reports since the weekend, and Wednesday shaped up as the best bet of the week.  Decent weather, a warm 70F evening, 56F water (damn rubber), low tide, little current, and some thigh to waist rights and lefts to choose.  Grabbed the 7'4" ShellShape.  Finally able to snag a couple of lefts.


   I suck going backside...I mean once I'm set and tear assin' down that wall I'm good, but getting there- getting to that point- I suck.  Gotta work on that.  But, the nice frontsides I ripped off last night made up for any missed lefts.  Clean the end of the night the setting sun actually made approaching swell shimmer.  Very stoked on the night.  The hook's been set.  Now to get reeling 'em in!
Serenity.  Sundown on the Big Assawoman.
   As hooks go, the next up for review is Stone Brewing Company's Arrogant Bastard Ale. An American Strong Ale that will seriously kick your ass if you decide to throw down.  7.8% ABV, yeah...that's right.  Not for the light beer drinker here!  One of the best one's I've had yet.  Pours a deep red amber with 2+ finger off white head and nice lacing left behind.  Bready, malt taste up front with a bold pine citrus hop finish only a true hophead can appreciate.  But, the malt lingers as a sweet caramel aftertaste.  That's what really got me. At an estimated 117 IBUs (classified per Stone), this a definitive rare A+!
"If my mother was tied up and held
 for ransom, I might think about 
making a light beer."
             -Greg Koch CEO Stone Brewing

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