Friday, April 20, 2012

Dinner At Home, notes from the Rogue

Onshore winds at 15-20kts., mid 50's water, low 60's air, overcast, mid-tide. Waist plus ridables, 4/19

   Skipped a surf to meet my Mother and Brother for dinner last night at the Shark on the commercial harbor in West OC.  Though we all now live out of town (I'm the closest at 30mi), we all came home for dinner.  Lobster and beer with a view of Assateague.  Now there's a great Eastern Sho' meal!
View from a Shark


   Tonight's offering, on draft no less, Burley Oak's Pale Ryeder IPA, loaded with farm fresh local rye from Snow Hill, MD. this is  Pouring a cloudy amber with a white 1 and 1/2 finger head and sportin' 8% ABV  this one comes a packin'!  The rye does a nice job of balancing the 70 IBUs of hops.  Flavors of bread and malt rounded it out for a strong- gotta say it again- smooth finish.  My brother even liked it, and he's not a hop fan. I rated this winner an A.
"Smithers, this beer isn't working,
I don't feel any younger or funkier."

          -Mr. Burns, The Simpsons

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